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Enhance Your Cognitive Abilities ~ Whatever Your Age!
Today, I can walk into a room, forget what I went in there to get, and a split second later the memory is back. Try the patented and proven brain training techniques for yourself!
Maximizing Brain Power: For the Young and Not so Young!
Just because the years are clicking by, does not mean that mental acuity has to suffer—it just takes a pro-active approach. Utilize brain training techniques and start reversing your brain-age.
Discover and Eliminate Self-Sabotage
If you find yourself repeatedly in situations that do not support your highest best, I would suggest that you look at self-sabotage. In all of these situations, I can guarantee that you will find feelings of being unworthy, angry, inadequate and undeserving.
Why You Sabotage Your Own Dreams!
While your subconscious mind does not set out deliberately to sabotage your dreams and goals, one of its most important tasks is to protect you.
Change Your Mental Group
Whatever goal you would like to achieve, just take a look at the people who are closest to you. The fact is, we frequently set our success bar according to the success of those around us. It is all too easy to make excuses based on what we think is the norm.
Seven Fundamentals of the Master Secret
What is success? Have you ever wondered why it is that for some, everything works, and for others, nothing works? Why is it that two people can have essentially the same opportunities, but one person be happy and the other one...
Who Am I, and Who Do I Want To Be?
Life isn't about your past—it's always about the present. What can you do in this moment to increase the happiness in your world? As you produce happiness, you gain happiness. Isn't that what we all want and isn’t that what we always want to be?
The Art of Younging
There are at least two levels to be considered regarding aging—expectation or attitude. The first comes down to the fact that the hard research shows that our expectations often come true.
Forgiveness and the Happy Heart
Thoughts are related to heart coherence, and this impacts your health and well-being. That is why it is so important to protect against errant and undesired thoughts entering our minds and to neutralize all negative emotions.
Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose
We are born with infinite potential—life is like a blank canvas. From the moment we are born, we begin to paint on our own life's canvas. Like an artist, there are times we can be sloppy and not do our best and the developing art becomes lackluster or even downright ugly.
Consequences of Abuse
We have all experienced situations where we bury our hurt and act like it does not matter. Unfortunately those seeds of pain can cause internal sores that simply come out in later life, causing us to hold ourselves back, even when the situation is really very different to the primary cause.
Healing from Abuse
No matter the type of abuse, all survivors struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, poor self-worth, and blame. In many instances, they often blame themselves for causing the abuser to be abusive.
The Joy of Restful Sleep
It's hard to think of anything more important than getting a good night's sleep. Waking up feeling fully refreshed and ready to go is obviously a wonderful thing, but there are many other benefits too.
The Cost of Sleeplessness
Nowadays, people suffer from various forms of sleep disorders. Some report that their mind is going all the time, others feel too tense and anxious to sleep properly, while still others find it difficult to maintain a regular sleep pattern. 
The Sure-Fire Way to Beat Old Father Time
There is more to this anti-aging story than simply reprogramming your belief of what age is supposed to look like—there are also the beliefs about what aging is supposed to mean.
How to Love Yourself
We are all perfect in our imperfectness—that is what makes life the fabulous ride that it is. We win, we lose, we rise up again. We have the ability to choose, to create and to change our minds. All of this is perfection, but in a different way than how some would see it.
Are Premonitions Real?
Have you ever had a premonition that came true? Have you ever thought of someone just before that person rang you on the phone? In general, 60% of adult Americans agree that some individuals possess psychic powers.
Self-Help Realism
How far does the power of the mind go? Is it true that absolutely anything is possible if you but believe enough, or believe in the correct way? I prefer a much more practical perspective to this issue.
Where Do Ideas Come From?
Where do our ideas come from and can we somehow encourage more of them? I mean, wouldn't it be nice if we could magically turn a switch on in our minds and voilà, some tremendous far-sighted innovation!
Choosing the Right Thinking

There is also more than one way to think. The mind is literally a story machine and the stories it tells us are based on the information we have in our mental program. What we think and how we think about what we think are not necessarily wedded, or identical.

A Quantum Shift In Personal Growth
We all have beliefs and ideals that are very important to us, and it can be hard to let go of them even when we see the amount of dissonance involved. However, personal growth entails looking closely at yourself and examining these beliefs