Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose

Eldon and I have been working on a bit of a philosophical puzzle and I am hoping to get your thoughts on it.  Eldon created Progressive Awareness in 1984 and I joined him in 1990.  On the surface, it can seem as though our business is all about fixing problems, but it is really a lot more than that. The problem comes in how to explain the full picture to people.

Your Life's Canvas

Eliminating Self-Sabotage

InnerTalk works by priming your self-talk, changing the negative self-talk that is full of doubt and self-sabotaging beliefs into statements that support your goals, make you feel better, and allow you to reach your full potential.  We have titles that have been researched by numerous independent researchers and institutions and been demonstrated effective, such as:

  • Weight Loss - participants lost weight even when no special diet or exercise regime was implemented;
  • Dental Anxiety - 100% effective in reducing the patient's anxiety to the treatment;
  • Excel in Exams - reduced test anxiety in a study carried out by Thomas Plante, faculty member at Stanford University, and others;
  • Freedom from Stress  - Psychological test results by researchers at Weber State University showed the positive benefits of using Freedom from Stress;
  • Up from Depression - At Colorado State University, the use of Up from Depression led to a significant decrease on the Beck Depression scale;
  • Decision Making - A double-blind study conducted by Prof. Peter Kruse at Bremen University in Germany, using a specially created Whole Brain InnerTalk program, strongly demonstrated the influence of the program on decision-making;
  • And many more!

Happy People

PLUS,  we have the vast number of testimonials from satisfied customers around the world. Some customers have been with us for 30+ years and they delight in telling us the amazing ways in which they have benefited from using InnerTalk. Some customers begin with a very skeptical frame of mind, not believing that a simple audio program could be the answer to their most significant issues, and they are absolutely astonished at the results. Some customers tell all of their friends about their success, while others keep InnerTalk as their own secret weapon. (I hope you are not in that second category!)

From Sleep Soundly to Accelerated Learning, Video Gaming Addiction to Respect and Good Manners, Empowering Intuition to Telephone Sales, Prosperity and Abundance to Lowered Blood Pressure, Eliminating Self-Sabotage to Healing from Abuse, there is no denying that InnerTalk changes lives.

So, what is the philosophical problem that Eldon and I are working on? The fact is, Eldon and I are not in the weight loss business, or the addictions business. We do not care what your religious beliefs are—Christian, Buddhist or if you have no religious beliefs at all (although we do encourage everyone to believe in a higher power of some kind as this has been demonstrated to be an important factor in success and happiness). We are not in the health care business or the sports business. Our focus does not lie in any of these areas, yet all of these areas can impact our real goal.

Life Purpose

Eldon has interviewed lots of fascinating guests on his Provocative Enlightenment Radio show, which focuses on subjects ranging from Time Traveler with Dr. Ron Mallett, and Rethinking Positive Thinking with Prof. Gabriele Oettingen, to Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart with Lindsay Wagner (the bionic woman) and Aging Gracefully with Linda Evans (star of Dynasty). I have learned something from almost all of them, and if you have not tuned into his radio show, I would encourage you to do so. You can find more details by visiting ProvocativeEnlightenment.com. On one particular show, he was speaking to Lorna Byrne, who claims to talk to angels. When I asked her about my own life purpose, she surprised me by saying that we do not have just one life purpose, that we in fact have many purposes. I spent some time thinking about this and concluded that she was right: there is a time for friendship, family, studies, productivity, relaxation, love, spirituality, and so much more. Each of these aspects of life are there to be nurtured, practiced and maybe even perfected.  So our problem comes in describing what we do.

The Canvas of Life

The way I see it, we are born with infinite potential—life is like a blank canvas. From the moment we are born, we begin to paint on our own life's canvas. Like an artist, there are times we can be sloppy and not do our best and the developing art becomes lackluster or even downright ugly. Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control cause long ugly smudges. Sometimes we become so focused on one particular area that we totally neglect another area. Many times, it can be the words of those around us that influence our choices: "Don’t' use red, that's an ugly color. Oh, you aren't good enough to paint that, paint this instead. You can't, you mustn't, don't be so stupid, do it my way," etc. Then one day, we step back to look the painting and we don't like what we see. It may be that the flaws that upset us the most are almost invisible to others, but we see them and they gnaw away us, not allowing us to rest. And some flaws are huge, mistakes you think you can never go back and fix.

To me, Progressive Awareness is about providing the tools so that you can work on your life's canvas until it reflects that shining potential you were born with—assisting you in maximizing all of those talents you were born with so that you can create a life of your choosing. For some, this entails going back and healing that inner child, reworking that part of the painting until the scars have gone away, while for others it is about creating a presence today that is so amazingly wonderful that no one looks at that smudge in the past.

Whatever your issue, InnerTalk provides the tools that can move the problems to some insignificant place on your life's canvas, where it has no negative impact on the glorious painting that represents your highest, best self.

What do you think? I would love to hear how you would describe this process.

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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