Healing from Abuse

Abuse comes in many forms. Sometimes it's physical and sometimes it's verbal; sometimes it's inflicted upon us and sometimes we inflict it upon ourselves. The long-term damage sometimes caused by abuse can be unspeakable.

Let go of abuse


No matter the type of abuse, all survivors struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, poor self-worth, and blame. In many instances, they often blame themselves for causing the abuser to be abusive.

The abused individual often does not feel worthy of happiness or respect, and these feelings can continue, long after the abuser has left their lives. There is a lot of truth in the statement, “What you expect is what you get,” and it is easy for victims of abuse to find themselves in other negative and non-nurturing situations. In fact, in some instances, the victim can even attract other abusive personalities into their lives!

You are Worthy!

You are worthy and you do deserve to be happy. It's time to release the hold the abuser had over you, to let go of the programming that causes you to sabotage anything good that comes into your life. The world really is full of wonderful people who are just waiting to have a positive relationship with youas a friend, colleague, family member, or associate.

Learn to believe in yourself and watch how the world responds bringing you the happiness and joy that you so deserve. This is your moment of truth! Are you ready to do what it takes to break the destructive cycle of abuse and its after effects on your life? Healing from Abuse will take you on a profound journey towards reclaiming your inner confidence and self-peace. Let this program help you start believing in yourself again!

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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