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Would you like to sharpen your mental abilities or put your cognitive decline in reverse? Think of how good it would feel to find it easier to remember names, dates, appointments, and other details. And what if you could achieve this at an affordable price and in the comfort of your own home?

"Having always had a sharp memory when I was younger, I'd been feeling a bit frustrated with my inability to recall details. I would listen to your program when going to bed, often not staying awake to hear the end of it. I was amazed at the effects. I would be asked questions at work and found that I could effortlessly remember fine details. It was a wonderful feeling to have confidence in my memory again."
~ B. M.

"I used your program for two or three weeks and one day it all clicked. Now I'm doing better in my classes and with less study time. I feel more confident about everything."
~ S. M.

The Problem

Concerned about memory and other cognitive issues

Most think of cognitive decline as something related to aging or to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. However, with today’s increased stress levels, pressures, time commitments, anxiety, and more, young adults are also experiencing a reduction in memory and other cognitive issues.

  • Are you forgetting things more often?
  • Have you ever missed appointments or social events?
  • Do you find yourself losing your train of thought?
  • Do you have difficulty following the plot of a book or movie?
  • Do you have trouble following a conversation?
  • Is it ever difficult for you to make decisions, finish a task or follow instructions?
  • Are you forgetting names more frequently?
  • If you go to another room or part of the house for something, do you find it difficult or impossible to remember what you were after once you get there?
  • Have you ever gone to use a word that you know, only to find it hiding from you?
  • Are you having trouble finding your way around places you know well?
  • Are you experiencing a general lack of interest?
  • Have you found yourself exercising poor judgment?
  • Have family or friends commented on these kinds of changes in you?

The Solution

Any one of these can significantly impact the quality of your life, but now, using Maximizing Brain Power, you can put this decline into reverse and even move into positive territory and become mentally sharper than before!

“The program is so very good. despite not managing to listen for the recommended time it is having an effect. A number of times in the past few days I have found lost items that have defied being found (eg) emptied cupboards, drawers, coat pockets, still remaining lost. Suddenly they have been discovered exactly where my inner mind reminded me where I had put them. I was truly amazed.”
~ D. F.

“Having always had a sharp memory when I was younger, I'd been feeling a bit frustrated with my inability to recall details. . . I would listen to your program when going to bed, often not staying awake to hear the end of it. I was amazed at the effects. I would be asked questions at work and found that I could effortlessly remember fine details. It was a wonderful feeling to have confidence in my memory again.”
~ B. M.

But this goes beyond just feeling good today. Early signs of cognitive decline should be heeded, not only for your quality of life now, but because mild cognitive impairment may lead to dementia later on. Studies suggest that around 10% to 15% of people with mild cognitive impairment go on to develop dementia each year.

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Maximizing Brain Power utilizes the revolutionary, patented and proven InnerTalk technology, developed by preconscious learning expert, Eldon Taylor. InnerTalk subliminal and hypnosis self-help programs have been improving lives around the world since 1984.

The patented and proven InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology.

InnerTalk is more than just another subliminal product. The fact is, there is no one strict definition for subliminal, and there are as many different technologies involved as there are subliminal companies out there. However, when others point to the evidence that subliminal self-help programs work, they invariably cite the work done on InnerTalk as though this applies to all subliminal self-improvement programs. It does not!

InnerTalk self-help programs are unique in that they are the only such programs in the marketplace to be patented and demonstrated effective in numerous double-blind studies carried out at institutions ranging from Stanford University in the U.S. to Bremen University in Germany. The original patent submission consisted of 105 different claims—this means that there were 105 aspects to the technology that made it unique. All of this combines to make InnerTalk the most effective Subliminal Self-Help programs in the market.

"Not only did my reading pace blast forward, but my vocabulary has expanded quite noticeably, my memory expanded so I was able to directly quote the book during tests, and learning seems to be a drastically simplified affair! I accomplished a 3.8 that semester, as well...up .3 from last semester.Your program didn't simply pass my test, it superseded any expectation I could have imagined! I also should admit that it astonished me to wake up, 'feeling' smarter the next morning!"
~ B. M.

Demonstrated Effective

Here are just a few of the studies that have demonstrated the efficacy of InnerTalk subliminal programs:

  • Thomas Plante, faculty member of Stanford University and Director of the Mental Health Services for the Children's Health Council, together with Michael DiGregorio, Gerdenio Manuel and Bao-Tran T. Doan of Santa Clara University, evaluated the effect of the InnerTalk subliminal program for test anxiety in a double-blind experiment. The statistical data significantly supported the hypothesis that InnerTalk subliminal technology could be an effective tool in loweringtest anxiety.
  • Diana Ashley at the University of Southern California studied the effect of the InnerTalk subliminal program for academic achievement in a double-blind experiment. Her conclusion found a significant increase inlearningamong students in the experimental group.
  • Under the direction of Maurice P. Shuman, Jr., General Director Special Programs of Instruction, a pilot study was conducted by Duval County Public School System at the Pre-trial Detention Center in Jacksonville, FL. Twenty-two incarcerated juveniles participated in a study program using InnerTalksubliminal programs designed to assist in preparation for GED examination. The GED final test results show that 18 of the 22 troubled students passed the full GED examination.
  • Kim Roche of Phoenix University studied the effect of InnerTalk subliminal technology with children diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in a double-blind experiment. Her findings indicated a significant positive effect.

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A Whole-Brain Experience

Unleash your cognitive powerhouse

Unlike traditional methods, InnerTalk uses a unique form of dichotic masking that engages both brain hemispheres, creating a powerful whole-brain experience. By subtly embedding positive affirmations beneath music and nature sounds, it bypasses negative self-talk and reinforces confidence, focus, and success from within. Backed by rigorous scientific studies and praised by users worldwide, InnerTalk offers an almost effortless way to help you achieve your goals.

"I am middle aged, divorced, child-less and I need to work . . . I purchased your memory program to improve my memory and work performance; however, I was laid off, but I continued to listen to the CD (continuously while sleeping). I enrolled in a Health Information Management program. Today I took the two-hour national certification exam. I passed the exam! Your programs actually work!"
~ L. D. D.

InnerTalk works by changing your beliefs at the very core.
When your inner beliefs change, then so does the life you experience.

Eldon Taylor

InnerTalk was created by Eldon Taylor, a New York Times best-selling author, inventor, and researcher. Eldon is renowned for his groundbreaking work in mind programming and personal development. With over four decades of expertise, Taylor has dedicated his career to exploring the depths of human consciousness and the power of belief.

Eldon is an expert in preconscious information processing and has served as an expert trial witness with regards to both subliminal communication and hypnosis. Eldon was a practicing criminalist for over ten years where he supervised and conducted investigations and testing to detect deception. His earliest work with changing inner beliefs was conducted from this setting, including the double-blind study conducted at the Utah State Prison. Eldon’s approach has always been very down-to-earth, science based and pragmatic. Eldon Taylor's work has been featured in numerous scientific studies and has helped countless individuals unlock their true potential.

"I count myself as having been very fortunate to ever have discovered your company and the outstanding products you provide. Eldon Taylor is always extremely generous with both his time and creativity. Thank you again."
~ D.D.

"I believe in you Eldon Taylor. I believe in your products and you have convinced me of the power of subliminal technology. Before I was skeptic, now I am a believer!"
~ J .T.

"Eldon Taylor is a grand master of the mind."
~ Professor Joan Borysenko, Harvard University

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Put The Pieces Back Together Today.

InnerTalk - the missing link to cognitive enhancement

It’s time to deploy this powerful patented and scientifically proven effective technology in order to prioritize you cognitive health? Wait no longer, act now! Start your journey towards a sharper mind today by clicking here.

"Your programs are like gold to me!"
~ Phyllis Hoga

"This tool is a powerful technological advance that can support your efforts at reclaiming your magnificence. You still must do the doing, but it's truly a technological breakthrough that can make that reinvention happen with greater acceleration!"
~ Dr. Joseph Rubino

"I really love your company."
- Dr. P.R. Hayden, Washington, DC

Are you ready to, not only reverse some of the cognitive decline that you are aware of, but to also move into positive territory and actually become mentally sharper than before? If so, Maximizing Brain Power is the perfect tool. Believe in yourself and start exercising those brain cells! Learn about our amazing special offer on Maximizing Brain Power here.

The Process

Your new Maximizing Brain Power album will:

  • Bring out your inner genius.
    — When you think you are incapable of learning or remembering, then you put mental blocks in the way. Learning, mastering a subject, increasing your vocabulary, solving difficult problems and/or just dealing with daily challenges can become much easier when you plug into the genius expectation.
  • Focus your mind so that concentrating becomes easy.
    — The mind can wander for many reasons. Environmental factors and other stimuli can increase the difficulty involved in focusing our attention. This program is designed to facilitate training your attention and thereby fine-tune your concentration ability.
  • Release the blocks that hinder your memory.
    — It’s not at all uncommon for memory to dim with aging, but it is also not necessary. As with any skill or muscle, use it or lose it is a truthful mantra. Unfortunately, many people have either never acquired the skill involved to sort memories properly and/or they have failed to use that skill for long enough that the deterioration becomes obvious. You can learn or reacquire memory skills at any age.
  • Enhance your cognitive abilities.
    — Mental training has been proven to minimize cognitive decline and some instances even restore lost abilities. This program was designed to train your mind to learn and remember
  • Open up creative writing abilities.
    — Open up to those creative juices and express them in written form while providing confidence in your ability to express novel ideas in new ways with fresh stories and spectacular narratives.
  • Accelerate your learning abilities.
    — When our perception regarding learning changes, the task suddenly becomes much easier. The fact is, the more joy we find in discovering the new, in mastering the learning, the greater ease we find in doing so. As such, learning is largely a matter of attitude and expectation.
  • Highlight your creativity.
    — One creative idea can change your life for the better. Whether a matter of prosperity or a solution to a problem, accessing the reservoir of creative juices within is a natural way to improve your life.
  • Bring you to a place of inner peace.
    — A place where judgment is non-existent, where you can rest and contemplate. When you are secure and at peace, your cognitive abilities can operate at their peak.
  • Relieve stress.
    —Stress can ruin relationships, damage sleep patterns, and lead to other disruptive behaviors. Indeed, stress can interrupt the optimal operation of every system in your body and brain.

Maximizing Brain power utilizes 3 technologies.

  • InnerTalk — the patented and proven subliminal technology that changes your self-talk (subconscious beliefs) from the inside out. InnerTalk subliminal programs can be played in the background while you go about your day and all night long while you sleep.
  • OZO — the kick in the butt approach that we all need at times. (Headphones required).
  • Echo-Tech — the soothing, supporting technology that never fails to inspire. (Headphones required).
  • Power Imaging — the guided imagery approach that assumes a cause for your lack of success and both helps you to uncover this cause and to develop your personal solution. (Headphones recommended).

Limited Time Special Offer

Maximizing Brain Power

Are you ready to, not only reverse some of the cognitive decline that you are aware of, but to also move into positive territory and actually become mentally sharper than before? If so, Maximizing Brain Power is the perfect tool.

Maximizing Brain Power consists of 9 programs and is valued at $314.55. However, in this limited time special offer, you can get the physical CD album for just $149.95 and the downloadable mp3 album for just $129.95.

Plus: Get the following bonuses:

Bonus 1

Releasing Mental Blocks – a $34.95 value.

Mental Blocks - Releasing Mental Blocks - An InnerTalk subliminal self-help / personal empowerment CD / MP3. The best method for positive subliminal affirmations; patented, proven, and guaranteed

Mental blocks are often the result of self-doubt, indecision, stress, and uncertainty. Retraining your inner dialogue, that stream of consciousness that informs you of your uncertainty, reminds you of the accompanying stress, and so forth, is necessary to removing mental blocks.

Most of us experience mental blocks of some kind or another. Perhaps it is a particular name that we can never remember, or maybe it is an entire field of study. Sometimes it's our creativity that is blocked. We have all experienced this troublesome issue at some time in our lives. When you think you cannot remember something, then chances are you won't. When you don't believe that you can find a solution to a problem, then you won't. Move out of your own way. Clear the clutter out of your mind. Allow the answers to flow in.

Bonus 2

Motivational Nudges—a $9.95 value

Motivational Nudges to Empower Your Life plus InnerTalk Resource Guide by Eldon Taylor Ph.D. and Ravinder Taylor

A series of short motivational articles and stories that individually instigate special insights and motivation, and when knitted together they establish a larger tapestry that covers not just the nudges, but the thrust that propels your total commitment to success in all walks of your life! Motivational Nudges also includes a resource guide. You do deserve to succeed! What stops most is the failure to try and/or persist beyond those early challenges. The tools offered in the last section of this book have been repeatedly proven to lead to success.

You owe it to yourself to reverse any cognitive decline and to move into positive brain territory. Get your copy of Maximizing Brain Power along with the free bonuses here.

Prioritize Your Cognitive Health

Maintaining cognitive health is crucial for a vibrant, fulfilling life. By actively engaging your brain, you can significantly reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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"InnerTalk continues to be after ten years of using them daily in my neurology practice and my personal life the most helpful and life changing programs that I have ever encountered in my professional and spiritual life."
~ Cristian Enescu