HPP (Hypno-Peripheral Processing

    Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) is an advanced psycho-technology developed by Lloyd Glauberman, Ph.D.—a stress expert and practicing clinical psychologist. HPP combines the powerful techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson (the father of modern hypnotherapy) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (a complex system of subconscious communication techniques). Each program is designed to gently overload a listener’s conscious mind by simultaneously feeding a different, parable-like story into each ear. This leads to a deep state of relaxation ideal for absorbing the positive suggestions contained on the programs. 

    According to Eldon Taylor, Lloyd Glauberman is a genius who has developed a unique approach to hypnotherapy that is both enjoyable and powerful! Now, they have teamed up to bring you this all-new experience! 

    The HPP programs are designed to be used once a day. You may purchase the HPP program by itself or you can supercharge its effects by adding a complementary InnerTalk subliminal program,  which can be played as often as you wish. 

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