Are Premonitions Real?

In today's spotlight I would like to discuss the idea that we all may in some way be connected to one mind, a collective mind, the collective unconscious as suggested by Carl Jung, or one larger sense of intelligence that exists—and that we draw upon it from time to time. Think for a moment about your own experiences. Have you ever had a premonition that came true? Have you ever thought of someone just before that person rang you on the phone? Have you ever had a gut feeling that warned you—only to discover why the warning a short time thereafter? Have you ever had a dream that foretold of a future event that seemed to come true? Have the hackles on your neck ever stood up informing you that something was wrong or that danger lurked near?

Explore the world of your inner psychic!


Webster defines a premonition as "A strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant." In the movie Premonition, Linda Hanson, played by Sandra Bullock, dreams her husband has been killed in an auto accident. When she figures out that this was a premonition, a precognitive experience, she sets out to change the future and prevent the tragedy. How many tales of precognitive dreams have you heard or experienced?

"The term psi denotes anomalous processes of information or energy transfer that are currently unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms. Two variants of psi are precognition (conscious cognitive awareness) and premonition (affective apprehension) of a future event that could not otherwise be anticipated through any known inferential process."1

In an article titled, "Is Precognition Real? Cornell University Lab Releases Powerful New Evidence that the Human Mind can Perceive the Future," Prof. Daryl Bem informs us that time does not flow strictly forward. Bem puts it this way, "Precognition and premonition are themselves special cases of a more general phenomenon: the anomalous retroactive influence of some future event on an individual's current responses, whether those responses are conscious or nonconscious, cognitive or affective."2


In general, according to a survey by the US National Science Foundation, 60% of adult Americans agree that some individuals possess psychic powers. Now most scientists do not agree with this, but that doesn't make it untrue. When I speak to people, most folks have experienced some form of psi experience ranging from déjà vu to precognition. The real problem for those who reject this possibility as real, is that this sort of experience is subjective. To that end, Professor Ben actually set up an experiment that could be used to replicate his experimental findings. Unfortunately, very mixed results have led to many questions about his initial findings. So where are we—is precognition real or not?

I for one, am convinced precognition, premonitions, and more are real. Why—because I have repeatedly experienced them myself. Indeed, I share many of these stories in my book, What Does That Mean?

My thoughts, what are yours?

Eldon Taylor


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