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A few years ago, I was concerned about the downwards slide of my cognitive abilities. Today, I can walk into a room, forget what I went in there to get, and a split second later the memory is back. (Previously I would frequently wait in vain for the memory to come back, before returning to my task and hoping that would re-trigger the memory!) I was never good with people's names, even when I was at my supposed mental peak—now they are no problem for me. That makes me feel good as remembering someones name is the first step in showing them respect. I used to think that forgetting small details was just not a big deal but because it wasn't a priority of mine, I found myself forgetting more and more. Now I frequently amaze myself with the little facts that I can easily access from my deep reservoir of subconscious information, even in subjects I have little interest in such, such as cars and football!

With all the work that I have done in the last few years, I now have cognitive abilities in areas that were always troublesome to me, and I have seen huge reversals in the deterioration that is thought to be common with aging. I am of course thrilled with this and am excited to share this with you so that you too can jump-start your own journey to enhancing and regaining cognitive abilities.

Choose to remember

Cognitive Enhancement

One of my personal phobias has to do with cognitive abilities and aging, and as such, I pay close attention to any tools or tips that could possibly stave off cognitive decline.

Like most people, I have watched the increasing frequency of senior-ish moments—walking into a room and forgetting what I went in there to get became very normal for a while, remembering names and doing mental arithmetic were never my fortes but they seemed to be getting worse, and I could go one with examples but I think you get the point. I do know that stress and fatigue can really exacerbate these issues, but even using all of my stress management skills, I could still see some real deterioration.

Maximizing Brain Power

A few years ago, I decided to get a real handle on this issue. I put together a compilation of InnerTalk programs and worked with them diligently. I was so happy with the results that we put them together in our Maximizing Brain Power album.

Using Maximizing Brain Power, my fear of memory loss and senior moments diminished drastically, and I felt myself moving into positive territory. I was remembering more, felt sharper and discovered that cognitive decline was not an automatic process as we age. As I said, I was really happy with this so then I decided to see what else I could achieve. I was convinced that there were places I was having issues in that had nothing to do with memory per se, but rather were just mental blocks in certain areas. Some people find it impossible to remember names, and others are convinced they are just not good at certain things such as math. As such, I asked Eldon to create a new InnerTalk program, Releasing Mental Blocks.

Releasing Mental Blocks is a general program that deals with all kinds of mental blocks, with a focus on our beliefs regarding certain subjects—beliefs that convince us we are not capable of learning, remembering or understanding certain things.

My Experience

I continued working with all of the programs in the Maximizing Brain Power album—which range from memory to learning, and creativity to stress relief—for why would I stop doing something that was already giving me positive results? But then I added Releasing Mental Blocks into the mix. I used most of the programs at different times of the day, but when I am in the office, I focus on Cognitive Enhancement (included in the Maximum Brain Power album) and Releasing Mental Blocks. Actually, I added these two programs to my set of 5 programs I play through my automatic CD changer—and I just leave them playing all day in the background, every day. The results have been simply marvelous!

Returning Memories

For a long while now, I have been able to visualize my memory. In fact, there have been so many times I felt like I could see a memory turn away from me and walk off into the distance, never to come back again. These days though, the vast majority of the time when I feel this kind of instance coming on, I can watch the memory begin to turn its back, but an inner voice says it doesn't have to be that way and I literally see the memory turn back and face me full on! It really showed me how much memory loss is just a choice, and my new combination of InnerTalk programs worked fabulously for firming up choices that work for me instead of against me.

Over the past few years, these kinds of experiences have extended into many different areas. I gave up on mental arithmetic decades ago, especially as a calculator (phone app) is always so close, but now I see numbers much as I did when I was in my teens and early 20s, like shapes that fit neatly together. I don't have to count up for I can frequently just see the final answer.

There have also been a number of times when Eldon has asked me if I remembered something, perhaps the name of a person, place or thing. Of all the things I could remember, these particular instances were of things that would be very low on my have-to-remember list, but so often the answer simply pops into my head. This even includes conversations we may be having about football—and I am no football enthusiast!

Quite honestly, I am not sure what the magic key is. I have great results when I use any of the programs in the Maximizing Brain Power album—together or on their own—and I definitely felt the benefit of using Releasing Mental Blocks on its own. But using the programs together has just blown away any of my earlier results—my memory is sharper, old memories are easier to access, cognitive abilities are keener, and I am happy! In fact, these days I feel that my memory is as sharp as it was when I was in my early to mid 30s, not bad for someone who is in her 60s! Why don't you try it for yourself?

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

Recommended Title:
Maximizing Brain Power

Are you ready to, not only reverse some of the cognitive decline that you are aware of, but to also move into positive territory and actually become mentally sharper than before? If so, Maximizing Brain Power is the perfect tool. Believe in yourself and start exercising those brain cells!

Maximizing Brain Power consists of:

  • InnerTalk (nature): Genius Power, Concentration is Easy, Powerful Memory, Cognitive Enhancement, Creative Writing, and Accelerated Learning.
  • Power Imaging: Creativity is Natural.
  • OZO: Inner Peace.
  • Echo-Tech: Stress.

Lasting memories and a super sharp mind really can be yours, you just have to decide that that is what you want. Check it out now.

"Having always had a sharp memory when I was younger, I'd been feeling a bit frustrated with my inability to recall details. I discovered the InnerTalk stand at a show where I purchased the learning CD. I would listen to the CD when going to bed, often not staying awake to hear the end of it. I was amazed at the effects. I would be asked questions at work, and found that I could effortlessly remember fine details. It was a wonderful feeling to have confidence in my memory again."
~ B. M.

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