Published Articles About InnerTalk

InnerTalk has been featured in many different articles, both in academic journals and in the popular press. Here are just some of those articles.


The Use of Subliminal Auditory Stimuli in Terminally Ill Oncology Patients

Study demonstrating the effectiveness of subliminal program for cancer remission

This study sought to evaluate the use of subliminal stimuli as an ancillary self-care modality for cancer patients. Subjects consisted of fifty adult terminally ill oncology patients. Subliminal affirmations were written from principles in the literature of psychoneuroimmunology and recorded at near liminal levels on audio tape. The results of this study indicate more research is warranted in this area. It would appear from the findings that the programs did have a positive effect on life expectancy and remission rates.

The findings from this study showed that 43% of the patients who used the program went into remission. For the other patients, who eventually passed away, the average life span beyond the original prognosis was significantly extended. Read more.

Comparison for Different Alternative Methods for Weight Loss

Jane Alexander, an independent journalist and researcher in the United Kingdom, investigated several alternative methods for weight loss. Not only did she find significant weight loss using the InnerTalk weight loss program, but she also did a price comparison between the different alternative treatments. Her cost comparison on a per pound weight loss basis showed costs of £26/lb for acupuncture, £11.42/lb for hypnotherapy, £29.28/lb for homeopathy, and £3.28/lb for InnerTalk. Read more.

New Cognitive Therapy Successful with ADHD

Study demonstrating effectiveness of subliminal program for ADHD

A new cognitive behavioral therapy successfully reduced symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in young people between the ages of 6 and 16. The authors followed the earlier work of Dr. Gaethke-Brandt who employed subliminal audio messages with ADHD patients and had limited success. 

Kim Roche (Phoenix University) studied the effect of an InnerTalk program with children diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Her findings indicated a significant positive effect.  It appears that the method of presenting the subliminal messages, and the content of the subliminal material greatly impacts their effectiveness as a treatment modality. Read more.

Astonishing Results with InnerTalk

Ultra Success Power InnerTalk subliminal program demonstrated effective

Can you really program your life by shifting your thoughts? Jane Alexander, an independent journalist and researcher in the United Kingdom, ran her own study on the efficacy of InnerTalk. Independent testers worked with Ultra Success Power, Neat and Tidy, Attracting the Right Love Relationship, and Jealousy. All the testers reported positive results. Read more.

Utah State Prison Study

Subliminal program demonstrated effective in prison inmate study.

In a double-blind study at the Utah State Prison performed by McCusker, Liston, and Taylor, the InnerTalk technology was deemed effective in altering self-esteem among inmates. As a result, the Utah State Prison installed and maintained a voluntary program library for inmates. (To evaluate an incarcerated population was a unique opportunity; to our knowledge this was the first time subliminal technology has been evaluated with this population. The results indicated change and strongly suggest the need for further research with benefit to these individuals and society in general.) Read more.

For further research demonstrating the efficacy of InnerTalk subliminal programs to prime self-talk and thereby create positive change, please click here. 

In the Press

Natural Breast Enlargement Through Mind Training

"Many professionals now believe that there can be a number pf psychological reasons leading to the arrest of normal breast development. Further, a lot of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of techniques employing suggestion, such as hypnosis, for natural breast enlargement . . . The UK trial involved 15 women . . . " Read more.

Stress? It's All In the Mind

InnerTalk subliminal self-help program for stress relieve was found to be effective.

"Stress is often invisible to the outside world, and occurs deep in the minds of the sufferers. Subconscious thinking such as 'I am stressed!' magnifies this internal perception. To release the stress, therefore, the subconscious thinking must be changed." Read more.

Messy Children Became Tidy Angels

InnerTalk subliminal self-motivation program for neat and tidy.

"Most mums despair if their kids are pathologically untidy and Kerry Tzen was no exception. Then a CD that aims to help people become neat and tidy transformed her life, as she tells Roz Lewis." Read more.