Consequences of Abuse

Abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of background, economic status, cultural heritage, gender, etc. It comes in many forms such as physical, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, and so on. It also comes in different degreesviolent abuse can be terrorizing, but milder abuse can still leave lots of deep emotional scars. Regardless of the kind of abuse, the victim is invariably left feeling inadequate, undeserving, and less than everyone else.

Heal your wounded inner child!

Less Than . . .

Feelings of being less-than-everyone-else can come from lots of different places—always being the last to be picked at school, not being part of the in group, having some feature that others would ridicule (fat, skinny, too short, big nose, etc.). It is difficult to escape life without having experienced some of this. And even worse than that, very often it is those who fear ridicule (those with the poorest self-esteem) who will be the first to ridicule others—as though they can avoid being the 'bottom of the pile' simply by making sure someone else gets pushed there first.

Everyone experiences these kinds of situations at some time or another—where we bury our hurt and act like it does not matter. Unfortunately those seeds of pain can cause internal sores that simply come out in later life, causing us to hold ourselves back, even when the situation is really very different to the primary cause. They rob us of our sense of self-peace, take away our esteem, leave us feeling less worthy than everyone else, fill us with emotional pain and can explode in anger at ourselves and/or others.

Super-Charged Esteem

It is not usual to find that an InnerTalk program designed for one issue can be helpful in other areas as well. In large part this is due to the fact that InnerTalk programs do not address particular problems, but rather they consist of the affirmation profile of someone who does NOT have that particular problem. As such, looking at the affirmations for Survivors of Abuse, it is easy to see how this can also function as a super-charged esteem program. Here are some of the affirmations:

"I am loved. I am accepted. I am confident. I am whole. I am free of shame. I am free of blame. I am good. I am capable. Pain is gone. Anxiety is gone. I breathe deeply. I am calm. I am free of anger. I am free of fear," etc.

In the same way, it's easy to see how our Healing from Abuse album would be beneficial for most people, and not just those who have suffered from abuse.

Our Healing from Abuse album will:

  • Guide you to a place of personal peace;
  • Boost your feelings of self-worth;
  • Reveal your inner strength;
  • Bolster your confidence;
  • Eliminate the feelings of inadequacy;
  • Assist you in leaving the past behind;
  • Soothe your inner wounded child;
  • Release the bottled up anger; and
  • Empower you to aim higher.

As you use Healing from Abuse, you will begin to sense a new expression of freedom—for in letting the abuse and all those associated feelings go, that's exactly what happens—you set yourself free! Free to be yourself, to achieve your highest best and to live life to its fullest.

Wishing you Love, Light and Laughter . . . always!

Ravinder Taylor

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