Welcome to the patented and proven effective technology, InnerTalk. Our technology is designed to facilitate a strong belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals and ambitions. Why is that important?

InnerTalk . . . because believing in yourself matters!

Believing in Yourself Matters!

The fact is believing in yourself is critical to your success in every aspect of your life. Hard research has demonstrated repeatedly that self-doubt is the seed to failure. When you think you’re unworthy, incapable, over your head, ill-prepared, and so forth, you manifest your belief. In other words, doubt yourself or your abilities and you almost certainly will fail.

We all have a lifetime full of doubts. Altogether too many accumulative messages from our childhood, right on through to today, have been negative in nature. They can range from outright damaging such as “You’re stupid” to those from childhood such as “You’re not old enough.” Indeed, every time you have been told that you can’t do something, every inference that you’ll never succeed, etc. has been accumulated in your subconscious mind. And it is here that our actions, choices, and so forth are governed—so much so that there are many scientists today that argue free-will is an illusion. Our subconscious programming determines almost everything in our lives.


How do we change that? Enter the patented and proven InnerTalk technology. InnerTalk initiates a dialogue directly with the subconscious, thereby bypassing conscious interference. Think of it this way. If you tell yourself that you’re capable, good, and deserving, how long does it take before your self-talk comes back with doubtful thoughts such as “Good at what? Deserving—how? Capable in what way?” It is our conscious sentry that reinforces that old negative self-defeating programming that exists and has been accumulated in the subconscious.

Technology for Change

InnerTalk uses a special dichotic masking method that bypasses critical awareness and begins to prime our thoughts with powerful positive self-supporting language. The result is that instead of the conscious sentry arguing with us, we find ourselves truly believing in ourselves and our ability to succeed.

Millions of satisfied customers have found InnerTalk to be the tool that enabled them to enjoy the fullest in all aspects of life. So, whether it’s a direct issue such as weight management or something more indirect such as attracting the right love relationship, the patented InnerTalk technology is here to help—and we guarantee your success!

Take the First Step

So, choose an area that you first wish to work on. For some it is health and wellness, for others it is habits and addictions, for still others it is success, and for many it can be a direct issue such as bedwetting or stress in school. Begin and see for yourself just how powerful you can become when you truly believe in yourself.

Thank you and enjoy the journey.

Eldon and Ravinder Taylor