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For more than 25 years Progressive Awareness Research has delivered quality products featuring the patented and scientifically proven InnerTalk technology developed by Eldon Taylor. Eldon’s work, books, audio and video materials have been featured in media as diverse as Fox News to Hay House Radio and these appearances number in the hundreds. The InnerTalk Store ( offers all of the programs developed by Eldon (over 350) plus many endorsed by him as the best of kind in the field of self-improvement and personal empowerment. Satisfied customers have purchased millions of programs worldwide. Eldon’s technology is unique and to the best of our knowledge, is the only technology of kind that has been independently studied in tight double-blind scientific studies and demonstrated effective--and this not just once, but many times and with many different modalities (titles/subjects). That’s why we say, “InnerTalk: when believing in yourself matters!”

You can join us today and help others to fully empower their lives. We have received thousands of testimonials and you will to. These stories from our customers tell of how they have overcome lifetime addictions, been freed from years of pain, released hidden powers within and built fortunes and great success, helped their families improve in school and so much more. Reading these letters is a reward in and of itself, but why not do something that feels good, is helpful and makes you money? If feeling good about your contribution is life matters to you, then InnerTalk is a smart choice. Join us today and begin building a new future that is both satisfying and economically rewarding!

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