Technology Guide

We offer a number of different technologies to suit a variety of tastes. Some customers prefer a program they can play in the background while others prefer something more experiential. Some customers LOVE the forceful approach of OZO while others prefer the gentler approach of Echo-Tech. Learn more about our different technologies here:

OZO and Echo-Tech
Power Imaging
Platinum Plus
Video Entrainment
Power Sets
HPP - Hypno Peripheral Processing


Subliminal self-help CDs and MP3s

InnerTalk Technology is a patented technology that has been researched by numerous independent universities and institutions and been demonstrated effective at priming how you speak to yourself. InnerTalk is designed in such a way that the change you desire begins from within as a result of changing the way you talk to yourself. As you change that internal chatter from self-doubt and worry to assured confidence and self-composure you find that your expectations, attitude, and perception also change.

InnerTalk audio programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. 

InnerTalk programs are extremely easy to use. You simply play them in the background on any regular stereo player while you are working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports—even sleeping or watching TV. They can also be used with a personal audio player while jogging, bike riding or any other activity.* No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic—and automatic—results. 

InnerTalk programs may appear to work like magic, but they're based on new scientific discoveries about how we learn and process information—and how this affects our everyday life. 

InnerTalk programs tap into our natural human ability to absorb information even when we're not thinking about it. On the surface, the programs sound like any other easy-listening music or nature programs you may have heard . . . but there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended in the background are dynamic affirmations such as "I feel good," "I am successful," etc., that make long-lasting, positive impressions. 

While the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognizes and receives the powerful, life-changing affirmations. 

Results can often be noticed in as little as a few days to a few weeks. InnerTalk technology is so powerful it's patented with the U.S. Government, backed by independent studies at leading universities, and proven effective by the 100s of thousands of satisfied users around the world. 

All programs come with a list of the recorded affirmations. We believe you have the right to choose which thoughts to put into your mind.

*Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving.

OZO and Echo-Tech

Subliminal hypnosis self-help programs

While the InnerTalk programs are played in the background during regular daily activities, the Echo-Tech and OZO programs are designed for use once or twice a day when there is time to just sit and relax.

Echo-Tech and OZO programs are designed for headphone use only and should never be used when conscious attention is required, such as while driving or operating machinery. These programs combine a number of leading edge sound and music technologies, along with audible verbal coaching, to promote full acceptance of the new you. 

As with the InnerTalk subliminal programs, you'll enjoy pleasant music while your subconscious mind hears and accepts the positive background/subliminal affirmations. But the Echo-Tech/OZO experience goes much further. Added are a special mix of three-dimensional sounds, tones and echo-effects that stimulate positive and highly receptive brain states. We refer to this as subliminal hypnosis.

Also featured is an audible narrator who provides powerful verbal coaching. OZO and Echo-Tech differ in that the audible coaching on Echo-Tech is supportive, whereas on OZO it is authoritative. For example, in Echo-Tech the supportive coaching includes suggestions such as "You can do it. You do have the ability." Many users report using Echo-Tech for its sense of warmth and love. (If you are just beginning your self-actualization journey, we recommend Echo-Tech for a more supportive and permissive experience.) With OZO, the audible coaching uses positive, directive commands such as, "Do it now!" OZO has been called the afterburner of self-help programs. 

Users report faster results when both of these technologies are combined on the same subject. 

The echoing effects and other soothing sounds and tones, along with the three-dimensional sound patterns, help synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing the program to create powerful, long-lasting impressions that will make a big difference in your life! 

Use your InnerTalk programs throughout the day, then play your Echo-Tech or OZO programs once or twice a day. By combining the methods, you'll receive the maximum benefits of this proven and patented technology! 

Power Imaging

Hypnosis and guided imagery self-motivation

This technology combines the InnerTalk subliminal affirmations with a complex, audible, guided imagery program. 

Power Imaging does not simply create a scene where you picture yourself succeeding; it assumes an underlying reason for your previous inability to succeed and works at both uncovering the source of the problem and in discovering the solution. This is definitely a voyage of self-discovery. 

Power Imaging audio hypnosis programs require 45 minutes of eyes-closed imagery sessions. They are a method of conditioning the mind away from negative experiences while reinforcing positive experiences. All you have to do is sit back, make yourself comfortable and be guided through simple scenarios which can change your life! Excellent for sleep learning.

Platinum Plus

Subliminal, hypnosis, tones and frequencies for self-improvement

Our Platinum Plus programs are designed for headphone only use. They have been called a shortcut to the years and years of training normally required in order to obtain states associated with advance meditation. Platinum Plus provides an experience that will take you to new insights and adventures within. Platinum Plus includes the best of the best of cutting edge tools. As a quick overview, this series incorporates the following:

  1. The proven Whole Brain InnerTalk patented subliminal method to insure the best results;
  2. New PHI ratio generated sound signature to facilitate coherent emotional and brain states. (Recursive Golden Mean geometry);
  3. Patterned mantra intonations to assist in producing a peaceful state of relaxation and balance. (Ayurvedic addition);
  4. Neuro matrix sound patterns to entrain brain wave activity bringing it within the optimal learning range. (Alpha brain wave pattern); and
  5. Direct pathway commands: "I can," "I am," "I will," "I choose," "I have," "I love," "I create," "I enjoy."

Video Entrainment

Audio and visual subliminal self-help affirmations

Our Video Entrainment programs provide "an experience that is indescribable." They have also been referred to as "a technology so advanced that its power may not be comprehended even by those that use and love them." Eldon Taylor simply describes the video series as "a right use of light and sound." What you will see on your television screen is an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors. Embedded in this color show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals. In the accompanying soundtrack are the InnerTalk subliminal affirmations along with tones and frequencies to get you even more relaxed and open to the positive affirmations. This technology will simply mesmerize you while filling you with a strong sense of well being. You will not only enter an altered state of brain wave activity, but will find yourself so relaxed, at ease and comfortable, that it may be how you both start and end every day. Special note: The video titled Cardiac Care was developed by Eldon for patients who were recovering from open-heart surgery.

Please note: Our DVDs come in the NTSC format (the standard used in North America and most of South America). Most other regions require the PAL format. Please check your ability to play the NTSC videos before ordering.

Power Sets

Subliminal and hypnosis programs for self-empowerment

Our two program Power Sets include one headphone only program (program 1) using tones and frequencies together with fully audible verbal coaching (as with OZO and Echo-Tech) and one InnerTalk program (program 2) using a nature soundtrack. Power Sets get you started with that right now "I feel it" response from using program 1 and back it up with our patented and proven thought modification technology to reinforce and sustain the change. Power Sets were created as a result of the vast amount of customer feedback reporting faster results when a headphone program was combined with an InnerTalk subliminal program.


Collection of subliminal and hypnosis self-motivation programs

Our collections approach the same issue using a variety of technologies: OZO, Echo-Tech, Power Imaging, and InnerTalk subliminal. OZO, Echo-Tech, and Power Imaging all require the use of headphones and focused attention. These programs should not be used when conscious attention is required. These programs are perfect for when you need a more immediate boost. The InnerTalk subliminal programs can be played in the background while you go about your day and also while you sleep at night.


InnerTalk albums offer the best of all worlds, provide a well-rounded approach for addressing particular issues. They generally offer several headphone programs (OZO, Echo-Tech, and Power Imaging) that should be used once or twice a day, along with several complementary InnerTalk subliminal program that offer different perspectives on the issue being addressed. InnerTalk albums provide an affordable way to cover all the bases for achieving your goals. For those new to InnerTalk, the albums are a great way to get started.


Our InnerTalk libraries provide a comprehensive course that is ideal for those truly dedicated to achieving their goals. Utilizing a variety of headphone technologies, along with the complete profile of subliminal programs, libraries address the many aspects of a particular goal. When you are determined to succeed in a particular area, find the most appropriate library and immerse yourself in mastering all levels of that issue!

HPP - Hypno Peripheral Processing 

InnerTalk subliminaHPP - Hypno Peripheral Processing double induction hypnosis

The HPP programs were created by Lloyd Glauberman, a Manhattan-based psychologist-psychotherapist and expert in business-related stress management and behavior change. His double-induction hypnosis programs are the best available and as such, we decided to include them in our catalog. You may purchase the HPP programs by themselves, or you can super-charge the effect by combining them with complementary InnerTalk programs. Use the HPP programs once or twice a day, and use the complementary InnerTalk programs as much as possible as you go about your day, or all night long while you sleep.

What Exactly is HPP?

Each 30-minute HPP program weaves a series of parable-like stories that gently overload the listener's conscious mind. Known as dual induction, this technique shuts down the logical part of the mind and allows for a deep state of relaxation ideal for the absorption of positive suggestions by the listener's subconscious mind. Users report positive results after a few sessions. Changes begin to spontaneously appear—changes that occur naturally at the right times, in the right places, and with the right people.

There are four aspects to the HPP Technology

1) Dual Induction Sensory Overload

Using a process that is exclusive to HPP, each 30-minute program has two parable-like stories that play simultaneously, one in each ear. Therapeutic metaphors are one of the most powerful learning devices and are the basis for HPP's effectiveness.

Initially, you will try to listen to both stories simultaneously or try to focus on one story entirely. But, after a few minutes you will find yourself drifting off and not focusing on either story. This is known as dual induction, and it shuts down the logical part of the mind-the "chatter box" that accompanies our waking state.

The result of this gentle overload is a deep state of relaxation-ideal for the absorption of the positive suggestions conveyed in each program.

2) Deep Relaxation Techniques

Wearing headphones, you hear calm voices against a background of music, gently guiding you very quickly into a relaxed state.

This deeply relaxed state allows you to become more receptive to the positive messages contained in the audio program.

3) Powerful and Positive Messages

At strategic points on each CD, the stories interface to give your subconscious a clear powerful, positive message.

Using techniques gleaned from Eriksonian hypnotherapy, the power of storytelling metaphors creates change at the unconscious level. The unconscious mind is constantly influencing conscious thought and action. The overlapping stories and metaphors cause both brain hemispheres to work together, creating positive resolutions to whatever goal you are working on

4) Easy and Effortless Results

HPP has very few material or time requirements. All you need is a CD player, headphones and 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. The audio program and your unconscious does the rest.

After just a few sessions, you may begin to notice a positive, cumulative effect on your overall emotional state. Suddenly, you are calmer. You have better self-control. Positive changes have begun to occur without conscious thought.

HPP Usage Guide

Each CD has two sections except the money program which has three. Each section is about 25 minutes in length.  It is not necessary to use any program more than once per day. 

So, for a two CD program, that would be four days to complete the program once. Then go back and start again, this time reversing the headphones so the stories are in different ears. This 8-day cycle should be repeated twice. 

On day 17 start again, but this time listen every other day but follow the same listening sequence. In total that will be 32 days for a two CD program. Then listen as needed for reinforcement and/or stress management.

The number of days will depend on the number of sections in a program which range from 2 to 8.

Once you've listened to an HPP program a few times through, you can add additional programs to the mix. The programs will always synergistically complement one another.