A Quantum Shift In Personal Growth

Gotcha!One thing I have learned over the past 25 years is that personal growth is usually a pretty slow process. I am of course really very fortunate in having Eldon as my personal mentor, but even with the ability to discuss things with him on a daily basis, it can still be years later that I look back on an incident and realize what it really meant. I certainly had this experience with two of his books, What Does That Mean? Exploring Mind, Meaning and Mysteries and What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization.


In What Does That Mean? Eldon shares lots of his own personal and very mystical experiences and shows how the pieces of the puzzle all came together for him later in life to show him the purpose behind his life. While I found this all fascinating, for the longest time I disregarded the personal implications for me as I did not believe I had had any mystical experiences of my own to guide me. In time, the teachings within What Does That Mean? percolated in my psyche until I eventually realized there certainly were experiences in my past that were pretty incredible, and which formed pieces of a puzzle that I am now in the process of putting together. I cannot tell you how good that feels—to look back on my life and to see clearly how the pieces are fitting together and therefore what lies in my future.

I have to say that there were parts of What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization that I was very resistive to. The fact is, we all have beliefs and ideals that are very important to us, and it can be hard to let go of them even when we see the amount of dissonance involved. However, personal growth does entail looking closely at yourself and examining these beliefs, and with the guidance in What If? that is what I did. Today, I believe I now have the ability to examine issues dispassionately and I therefore have a chance of discovering the truth—or at least I have the ability to put the brakes on my passions enough to hear someone else out. You cannot learn anything if you are so fixed in your beliefs that you refuse to listen to other ideas!


Recently(ish) this gradual learning process was shattered when I finally read Eldon's latest book, Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will. Gotcha! is not a little book that you can read in one afternoon, the subject matter is not the light inspiring works that I tend to prefer, and when Eldon first told me what he was doing with this book, I really did not believe it could work. But from the moment I started to read I was hooked! While the subject matter can sound dark, the overall effect of the book on me was incredibly freeing. They do say that knowledge is power and that was exactly what I got out of this book. I now have the power to see through so many of the games that are commonplace in society today and as such, I have made a huge stride toward uncovering the real me. It really doesn't matter what your personal beliefs are, whether you are an atheist who wants scientific proof for everything, or you are more spiritually inclined and simply believe there is a higher power and that you have a higher purpose—people at both ends of the spectrum need to learn what they are 'not' before they can fully express who they really 'are.' And life for me is all about expressing my highest self, serving a higher power (by serving others), and maximizing all of my innate (God given) talents and abilities, as it is only by doing this that I can give back to the Giver!

Gotcha! is a compendium of information, ranging from the psychology behind why we do what we do to the extensive research that has gone into learning how to use this to manipulate us, from the birth place of propaganda to the monstrous beast it has now become, from the original intent of Government (to protect and serve the people) to the power hungry conglomeration it is today, from the research that was supposedly intended to benefit mankind to the great crimes that were committed as a result. And unfortunately we bear culpability in all of this. How many times have we brushed issues under the carpet? How many times have we declared something to be absolutely unacceptable only to find it a normal part of our lives just a few years later? How often have we said that an issue was important but then forgot about it as soon as that particular news cycle ended?

Who Am I?

I do believe in the Oneness of mankind, that we have an obligation to care for the poor and the needy but we cannot do this if we put our head in the sand. I do believe that life is a gift and the best way I can honor this gift is to maximize every aspect of my being, but I cannot do this until I know who I am. We have both a collective responsibility and an individual responsibility and, in my personal view, Gotcha! is the doorway to both.

Vital Reading

I often send out newsletters providing tools, tips and (hopefully) stories that inspire. While I often suggest InnerTalk products that can assist in achieving the goals outlined in the article, I take great care not to claim that your success depends on you purchasing the product. I like to bring tools to your attention and then let you decide if you wish to pursue them or not. Today, however I strongly urge you to get your copy of Gotcha! just as quickly as you can.

Gotcha! was responsible for a quantum shift in my own personal growth and will do the same for you too. Order now.

Wishing you love, light, and laughter, always!

Ravinder Taylor

"Eldon Taylor is so spot-on. Gotcha! tells it like it is, and it isn't what we want to happen!" ~ George Noory, Host of Coast to Coast AM

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