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Freedom From Video Gaming Addiction - an InnerTalk subliminal self help / personal empowerment CD / MP3


Video Gaming Addiction (Freedom from Video Gaming Addiction) ~ Subliminal

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Freedom from Video Gaming Addiction

— Many people are addicted to video gaming and fail to recognize it. A recent study found, “The average length of time spent playing video games was 20 hours per week. An estimated 72 percent of American households play video games. An estimated nine percent of the 3,034 participants in the study showed signs of video game addiction.”

Regain some balance in your life and once again play video game just for fun.

Are you aware that Douglas Gentile, a research psychologist from Iowa State University (and director of research for the National Institute of Media and the Family), recently conducted a study that found 8.5 percent of Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 (that's roughly 3 million people) are addicted to video games.

Additionally, “According to a University of Pittsburg report, the industry generated as much as $10.3 billion dollars in 2002 surpassing even film industry revenues.” Think about how much that might amount to today.

What’s more, according to, some of the emotional signs or symptoms of video game addiction include:

  1. Feelings of restlessness and/or irritability when unable to play.
  2. Preoccupation with thoughts of previous online activity or anticipation of the next online session.
  3. Lying to friends or family members regarding the amount of time spent playing.
  4. Isolation from others in order to spend more time gaming.

And physical symptoms may include:

  1. Fatigue;
  2. Migraines due to intense concentration or eyestrain;
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by the overuse of a controller or computer mouse;
  4. Poor personal hygiene;
  5. Among others.

The warning signs of video game addiction include:

  1. Gaming to escape difficult life situations
  2. Playing for longer periods as time goes on
  3. Skipping showers and meals to play
  4. Poor performance at work or school
  5. Lying to others to hide gaming activities
  6. Exhibiting signs of irritation when forced to stop gaming

If you think there is a video game addiction either developing or functioning in yourself or someone you care about, then this program is for you. Don’t wait!

Playing video games can be relaxing and fun. They can also be great for developing hand/eye coordination. However, when you are addicted to playing, other areas in your life can suffer. Eliminate the addiction. Regain some balance in your life and once again play video game just for fun.

Sample Affirmations

"Time is valuable. My time is valuable. I use my time wisely. Reading is valuable. Study is valuable. I gain from learning. My life is important. Gaming wastes my time. Gaming is a ritual I can do without. It's easy for me to read and study. It's easy for me to improve my mind. It's easy for me to use time wisely. It's easy for me to be wise. Wisdom dictates learning over gaming. Gaming comes and goes. Investing in my future requires using my time to learn. I choose learning. I use multi-media to gain knowledge and information. I use multi-media wisely. My future is worth investing in now. I know the wisdom of investing in myself. I choose to read. I choose to study," etc.

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Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology. Patented! Proven! Guaranteed!InnerTalk subliminal self-help / self-improvement programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. InnerTalk programs are extremely easy to use. You can simply play them in the background on any regular stereo player while you are working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV.* The InnerTalk subliminal technology is patented, proven and guaranteed. More Information

When your self-talk changes, so does the reality you experience!

*Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving.

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