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Motivational Weight Loss (Hypno-Peripheral Processing, HPP)


Weight (Motivational Weight Loss) ~ HPP

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Motivational Weight Loss

— Every week we see a new diet. With so many options to choose from, why is losing weight and getting in great shape such a struggle? Because it's not about diets, it's about lifestyle patterns. Three new patterns need to be installed for successful weight loss: eat less, eat better and exercise more. That's it!

Inside/Outside - Motivational Weight Loss Program utilizes Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's revolutionary HPP method to program your unconscious mind to make lifestyle changes. This method "short circuits" overeating and installs more appropriate eating patterns that follow the normal rhythms of your hunger cycle. You will stay motivated and disciplined while developing a more positive self image.

Remove the unconscious barriers to losing weight and getting fit,
and make the life changes you have always wanted with Inside/Outside.

You will find yourself easily eating less, eating better and exercising more. You might even find yourself working out that extra day at the gym - not because you are forcing yourself to, but because you want to.

Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal program plus HPP (Hypno Peripheral Processing) programEach 30-minute HPP program weaves a series of parable-like stories that gently overload the listener's conscious mind. Known as dual induction, this technique shuts down the logical part of the mind and allows for a deep state of relaxation ideal for the absorption of positive suggestions by the listener's subconscious mind. Users report positive results after a few sessions. Changes begin to spontaneously appear—changes that occur naturally at the right times, in the right places, and with the right people.

You may purchase the HPP programs by themselves, or you can super-charge the effect by combining them with complementary InnerTalk programs. Use the HPP programs once or twice a day, and use the complementary InnerTalk programs as much as possible as you go about your day, or all night long while you sleep. More Information.

HPP06 Available in:

2HPP CDs - HPP06
Downloadable MP3s - HPP06-E

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