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Tennis ~ Subliminal

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— Tennis is a great game for staying fit and having fun. Indeed, tennis is often recommended by doctors as one of the healthiest activities one can participate in. Tennis is thought to be almost as good for the mind as it is for the body. Tennis is a social sport that builds relationships and happiness and something the entire family can participate in.

Play your best games ever!

Becoming good at tennis begins with the proper mental attitude. This program is designed to both assist in developing the skills necessary to become excellent at tennis while supporting the mental edge that props up the enthusiasm and determination to excel.

Gain the grip, master the forehand drive, strengthen the backhand, become really good at the groundstroke technique and more. You can become a great tennis player and have so much fun doing so.

To play tennis well you need to be physically and mentally focused on your task, know the perfect techniques and execute them precisely. Train your mind to support your goals. Play your best games ever! Begin today.

Sample Affirmations

"I maintain smoothness and fluidity at all times on the tennis court. I am calm and graceful on the tennis court. My shoulders stay relaxed on the tennis court. I keep my head up and body balanced on all tennis strokes. My footwork is excellent on the tennis court. I love to play in tournaments. I have mastery over my serve and return of serve. I can determine the direction of the ball by watching my opponent. I am graceful and agile. I hit under the ball. I have mastery over my forehand. I have mastery over my backhand. I am balanced and in control on the tennis court. I am aware of my environment when I am on the tennis court. I am successful and winning," etc.

Sound Samples


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If you cannot see the audio player above, please click here.

Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology. Patented! Proven! Guaranteed!InnerTalk subliminal self-help / self-improvement programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. InnerTalk programs are extremely easy to use. You can simply play them in the background on any regular stereo player while you are working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV.* The InnerTalk subliminal technology is patented, proven and guaranteed. More Information

When your self-talk changes, so does the reality you experience!

*Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving.

CD240 Available In:

Music CD - CD240MU
Nature CD - CD240NA
Music AND Nature CD - CD13240

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Downloadable Music MP3 - E240MU
Downloadable Nature MP3 - E240NA
Downloadable Music AND Nature MP3 - E13240

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