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Quantum Younging - InnerTalk Subliminal Hypnosis DVD / MP4 - Personal Empowerment Affirmations


Younging (Quantum Younging) ~ Video

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Quantum Younging

—This program is designed to facilitate employing the mind to arrest and even reverse the aging process. Building a belief and generating a true expectation has been established as at least one manner in which mind influences body. This is as true for wellness as it is for longevity. Scientists have demonstrated that the cells of the human body are capable of a healthy life for at least 144 years. If you expect to live that long, there is a real possibility that it may happen. This program will facilitate you in choosing both a personal age that is your mental optimal age and in creating an entirely new expectation regarding your life span.

There need be no "old age" regardless of how long one lives.

Many people tend to think of old age with fear. Many more literally do not wish to live into their old age until it approaches. There is the old trite saying that goes something like this: "Who wants to live to be 100? Well ask anyone that's 99 and you'll find out." We don't need to prepare for old age with fear. There need be no "old age" regardless of how long one lives. A long healthy life is not necessarily one that is fraught with aging scenarios that include everything from limited mobility to dependency. You will learn that living a long life can be fun and productive, as well as something that you look forward to with a renewed zest and an endearing enthusiasm. Life is a miracle! You are a miracle! Enjoy the miracle!

Sample Affirmations

"I am a miracle. My body is a miracle. My body replicates itself perfectly. My cells are young and strong. I expect to be forever young. My mind is young. I think youthful thoughts. I can remain youthful. I can be young at heart. I can hold youthful thoughts. I can believe in myself. I choose to believe in myself. I choose to be forever young. Young in heart, young in spirit, young in mind. Young. I choose youth. I choose to live life fully. I choose to remain young, confident and bold. I choose health and fitness. I choose joy. I choose fun. I laugh. I play. I remember perfect health. I have perfect health. I remember youthful play and I play. I am inquisitive. I am fun. I have fun," etc.

Usage Guide

Video Entrainment. What you will see on your television screen is an ever changing kaleidescope of colors. Embedded in this color show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals. This technology will simply mesmerize you while filling you with a strong sense of well being.

Technology that will mesmerize you, while filling you with a strong sense of well being!

You will not only enter an altered state of brain wave activity, but find yourself so relaxed, at ease and comfortable, that it may be how you both start and end every day. Eldon Taylor simply describes the video series as "a right use of light and sound." More Information.

Please note: Our DVDs come in the NTSC format (the standard used in North America and most of South America). Most other regions require the PAL format. Please check your ability to play the NTSC videos before ordering.

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