Just Be: A Little Cowboy Philosophy by Eldon Taylor

Just Be: A Little Cowboy Philosophy ~ Book


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Just Be: A Little Cowboy Philosophy
By Eldon Taylor

—While Just Be began as a spoof on channeling, it quickly takes a trickster twist into the exploration of being and reality.  Dr. Taylor says this is his favorite book and was fun to write, although he is not sure how much was actually written by himself . . . This book will tickle the funny bone, cause you to pause and reflect, lead you into the depths of the mystery of creation and inspire and excite you . . . all while entertaining in a "I couldn't put it down" way.

Reader's Comments

Enlightening And Enjoyable

"Eldon Taylor’s investigation of the “guide” phenomenon is very moving and humorous. It deals with a variety of metaphysical topics in a novel way. What makes it special is the way this is interwoven in the plot line and although the twist in the tale becomes obvious as one gets close to the end, it doesn't matter one bit. This is not silly and fake like “The Celestine Prophecy.” Throughout, one gains new insights and I would recommend this book to all readers of self-help and metaphysical books."
— Peter Uys, Johannesburg, South Africa

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