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Sugar (Freedom from Sugar) ~ Subliminal

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Freedom from Sugar

— Health professionals around the world are actively expressing their concerns about sugar. Sugar is considered to be empty calories with no essential nutrients. Indeed, sugar can contribute to nutrient deficiencies. Sugar is bad for your teeth, it’s high in fructose which can overload your liver and lead to liver disease, it can cause insulin resistance that may lead to Type 2 diabetes, it’s been shown to be a potential cause of cancer, it has unique fat promoting effects, it has been found to be addictive, it raises cholesterol which can lead to heart disease, and more. When you consider the facts, why use sugar at all?

Free yourself of the dangers in sugar today.

Getting away from sugar can be very difficult since almost all prepared foods contain some form of sugar. That said, a conscious approach can free you of this addictive unhealthy substance.

If you’re aware and trying to eat healthy but still having a problem reducing the amount of sugar you consume, this program will assist you in overcoming the cravings. Free yourself of the dangers in sugar today.

Sample Affirmations

"I eat properly. I sleep properly. I balance rest with effort. I have high energy. I am alert. My mind is keen. I care for myself. I drink water. I chew slowly. I eat natural foods. I eat vegetables. I like vegetables. I like fruit. I avoid sugar. I am free of sugar. Food tastes better. Food tastes great naturally. I love natural foods," etc.

Sound Samples


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Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal self-help technologyInnerTalk audio programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. InnerTalk programs are extremely easy to use. You can simply play them in the background on any regular stereo player while you are working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV.

When your self-talk changes, so does the reality you experience!

**Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving. More Information

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