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Freedom from Addictions - An InnerTalk subliminal hypnosis DVD / MP4 - Self Help Affirmations


Addictions (Freedom from Addictions) ~ Video

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Freedom from Addictions

— Whether you are addicted to smoking, drugs, alcohol or food, this program is your ally in overcoming your addiction. You'll find your attitudes about yourself and your self worth bolstered and no longer will you have the need for undesirable substances.

Sample Affirmations

"I am drug free. I breathe deeply. I breathe smoothly. I am strong and powerful. I make my own choices. I make wise choices. I make thoughtful choices. I make healthy choices. I protect my health. I am healthy. I like exercise. I accomplish my goals. I am confident. I am positive. Goal setting is fun. Goal setting is the first step towards realization. I realize my goals. My thought power is strong. Thought is the greatest force in the Universe. My thoughts are clear. I see my success. I am in charge. My thoughts are loving. I am positive. I am enthusiastic. I am motivated. I do. I do it now. I decide. I trust my decisions. I act. I follow through. I feel great. I love life," etc.

Usage Guide

Video Entrainment. What you will see on your television screen is an ever changing kaleidescope of colors. Embedded in this color show are visual subliminal messages to support your goals. This technology will simply mesmerize you while filling you with a strong sense of well being.

Technology that will mesmerize you, while filling you with a strong sense of well being!

You will not only enter an altered state of brain wave activity, but find yourself so relaxed, at ease and comfortable, that it may be how you both start and end every day. Eldon Taylor simply describes the video series as "a right use of light and sound." More Information. 

Please note: Our DVDs come in the NTSC format (the standard used in North America and most of South America). Most other regions require the PAL format. Please check your ability to play the NTSC videos before ordering.

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