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Remembering Past Lives - an InnerTalk subliminal self empowerment / self-help CD / MP3


Reincarnation (Reincarnation: Exploring Past Lives) ~ Subliminal

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Reincarnation: Exploring Past Lives

— Reincarnation is the theory or religious belief that we live many lives. Each life we live teaches us something and/or is a form of reconciliation for past wrongs. As such, if you are abusive and violent, you may find yourself the victim of the same abuse and violence in another life (Karma—karmic consequences). Now not every person who believes in reincarnation necessarily accepts the notion of karmic consequences.

Investigate reincarnation for yourself!

Early Christian doctrine held reincarnation as part of its spiritual teachings but this was believed to weaken the case for obedience in the present lifetime. The doctrines of pre-existence and reincarnation existed as secret teachings of Jesus until they were declared a heresy by the Roman Church in 553 A.D at the Second Council of Constantinople. It was at this time that the Roman Church aggressively destroyed competing teachings and so-called heresies within the Church.

The first-century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus wrote about the Pharisees being believers in reincarnation. The Pharisees were the Jewish sect which Paul belonged to before his NDE and conversion to Christianity. Josephus wrote about the Pharisees' belief that the souls of evil men are punished after death. But the souls of good men are "removed into other bodies" and they will have "power to revive and live again."

Would you like to be able to remember past lives? Are you interested in investigating reincarnation for yourself? There are many stories of individuals who remember their lives and are able to recount with specificity names, places, and events they lived in prior lives.

Use this program during meditations or while you sleep and see if memories surface for you. Our customers have reported some truly interesting experiences as result of using this program, so why wait?

Sample Affirmations

"I am eternal. Life is school. Living provides opportunities. I remember my lessons. I sense my eternality. I sense my growth. I sense my evolution. Experience is evolving. I have learned much. I review all experiences. I learn from experience. I grow from experience. I release any negativity. I remember my talents. I incorporate love and acceptance. I am honest. I honor myself. I observe learning opportunities. Evolution is learning. My learnings teach Divine. I am aware of the Divine within. I am a gift," etc.

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Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology. Patented! Proven! Guaranteed!InnerTalk subliminal self-help / self-improvement programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. InnerTalk programs are extremely easy to use. You can simply play them in the background on any regular stereo player while you are working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV.* The InnerTalk subliminal technology is patented, proven and guaranteed. More Information

When your self-talk changes, so does the reality you experience!

*Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving.

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