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Changing Emotions (Hypno-Peripheral Processing, HPP)


Stress (Changing Emotions) ~ HPP

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Changing Emotions: A Stress Management Program - 2 CD Set

—Everyone has stress in their lives - but not everyone manages it the same. Transform and enhancing your natural ability to relax.

Changing Emotions uses Lloyd Glauberman's revolutionary HPP method to unlock the power of your unconscious mind - transforming and enhancing your natural ability to relax and feel comfortable in the world around you.

If your life is filled with anxiety, low self-esteem, anger or depression, this program offers a new and exciting approach to feeling at peace with yourself and the world. Better control of your emotional states is a key element for success and well-being. With less stress you will instinctively make better decisions, feel healthier, and have more confidence every day.

Reduce the stress in your life, make better decisions, and feel better all day

Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal program plus HPP (Hypno Peripheral Processing) programEach 30-minute HPP program weaves a series of parable-like stories that gently overload the listener's conscious mind. Known as dual induction, this technique shuts down the logical part of the mind and allows for a deep state of relaxation ideal for the absorption of positive suggestions by the listener's subconscious mind. Users report positive results after a few sessions. Changes begin to spontaneously appear—changes that occur naturally at the right times, in the right places, and with the right people.

You may purchase the HPP programs by themselves, or you can super-charge the effect by combining them with complementary InnerTalk programs. Use the HPP programs once or twice a day, and use the complementary InnerTalk programs as much as possible as you go about your day, or all night long while you sleep. More Information.

HPP01 Available in:

2HPP CDs - HPP01
Downloadable MP3 - HPP01-E

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