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Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology

Linda Evans, author and actress

"I share Eldon's fascination about exploring the power of our mind and I'm in awe of how much knowledge and information he has amassed in this book. He's given us tools to transform our minds and therefore our lives."
~ Linda Evans, author and actress


"These subliminals really work. I have lost fear of bugs, moths and spiders. I just kill them without a thought and I NEVER used to do that."
~ Mark Mountjoy, CO


"Please pass along my thanks to your company for the the InnerTalk CD that I purchased. The music composition is wonderful and the messages powerful. I have listened to the CD several times and each time find that I have some profound awareness resulting in the tears, which I know to be effective and needed for me. I am deeply grateful to InnerTalk for creating a CD that is so important and so critically useful in unwinding subconscious beliefs."
~ M.K., Coeur d'Alene, WA

"I have used your subliminals to help with several problems in the past 20 years. I highly recommend InnerTalk programs as very helpful to me."
~ Jacque Keysor, So. St. Paul, MN

"As a 66-year-old father, clinical psychologist-psychotherapist, neurofeedback-energy medicine and transformational coach, your evident mastery of wakefulness and brilliant InnerTalk mind technology has arrived, as all nothings do, at the perfectly precise moment in my soul's journey to embody Self-Realization in service to Consciousness leaving me dumbstruck in AWE and WONDERMENT."
~ M.P., Norfolk, VA

Satisfaction / Weight Loss

"We would like to sell your InnerTalk programs at our spa. I've bought some of your programs and they do work! I especially would like to sell the weight loss program as we market a weight loss program that is very holistic and healthy but we find our clients need far more programming to keep the weight off."
~ C.N., Pittsburg, CA


"The High Energy program is phenomenal. I play it on my drive to work and I'm set for the day."
~ R.M.

I Believe by Eldon Taylor

I Believe

"I want to thank you all, especially Eldon. You sent me the book, I Believe. Your subliminal CDs and books are changing my life for the better. I've worked on self improvement for 25 years and have made greater progress with your products than any other method. Your mission is obvious and it's certainly NOT money. You truly are working for the benefit of mankind. Thank You."
~ F.R.


"Thank you so much Dr Taylor. I am a great admirer of your's. I have bought your subliminals and they had worked very well. You are a Godsend for those of us who struggled to get past our demons."
~ H.P.

Respect and Good Manners / Relaxation / Stress Free Series

"Thank you again for the CDs. Damien is so much more calmer (indirectly his little brother too) and his reactions / responses are improving. It has been almost a month and the results have been dramatic. Trever is amazed. As an aside I was traveling this week—not fun at 7months pregnant. As I was nervous about the flight I listened to my relaxation CDs (Stress Free series). In the past I used them for a long time and within minutes of putting the CDs on during my flight, I was calm. My heart rate came down and my breathing too. Mr. Taylor, what you provide to people is wonderful; a true gift of obtaining self-help and healing with guidance and I can not thank you enough."
~ T.M.

Success MP3

"I got my MP3 Success series last Friday (one week to the day). I started playing as soon as it came at 9 am. I played it all day at work, went home played it all night even while I slept. I did the same Sat and Sunday morning only. Did the same all day thing Monday. Tuesday did it again. I was driving to lunch and had a great idea. So I just whipped into a business, went in, found the owner and started telling my idea. His response was "I was just talking about that. Can you do it?" My response was, "Yes!" Now, in another week I am expanding my salon/barber shop. WOW WOW WOW is all I can say. Thank you!"
~ S.M.


"I have purchased several of Eldon's books from Amazon and they are excellent. If you want to reach your best self, you have to explore this web site and InnerTalk CDs. It's the best way to help yourself and the world!"
~ Gary

Ending Self Destructive Patterns

End Self-Destructive Patterns - an InnerTalk subliminal self-help program

"I have a library of your programs and CDs. Words are too small to describe how much my life has improved since listening to them. I've used them for years and for many debilitating problems and for general improvement as well. There is no way I could choose one or two as favorites. Well, maybe the one I have gotten the most from is Ending Self Destructive Patterns. As soon as I say that many other titles come to mind. I have worn out more than one program player and a CD player as well. I can't imagine life without this powerful help. Thank you is too small to express my gratitude!"
~ T.H., SC

Pillars of Success

"I am a huge fan of Dr. Taylor and the InnerTalk programs. I purchased the Pillars of Success package and have had a very good experience with it. I am still using it regularly as my go to mind rescue kit. I would like to be a distributor and will make it happen when I can afford and qualify to do so. I so appreciate Dr. Taylor and his years of hard work to make his products available to interested folks like me."
~ B.G., Winter Haven, FL


"I received your package on Monday. My 14 yr. old daughter and I have been listening to the first two CDs at bedtime on repeat. I have felt so much better about myself and she has stopped grinding her teeth at night. It had gotten so bad that she broke a tooth last month. Thank you for your kindness and consideration for a stranger to whom you had no reason to reach out to. It meant more to me than you will ever know that someone cared. I'll keep you posted on our progress."
~ A.M.

Building a Child's Self-Esteem - a subliminal self-help program

I Can: Building a Child s Self-Esteem

"I have a 3-year-old boy and I send him to preschool everyday. He would cry every morning when he wakes up because he knows that I will be sending him to school and thereafter going to work. He will throw tantrums, refuses to take his shower and hates going to school and does not like to interact with his friends. Then I started to let him listen to Building a Child's Self Esteem for about three weeks every night during his bedtime. I am delighted to see improvements in his behavior. He has stopped crying and its much easier to prepare him to go to school every morning. On top of that he has become a chatterbox. He will tell me what he did in school and also who his friends are."
~ A.W.


"Love InnerTalk! I received an MP3 for Christmas and I've noticed a difference already! Thank You!"
~ Danielle Wood, MI


"InnerTalk continues to be, after ten years of using them daily in my neurology practice and my personal life, the most helpful and life changing programs that I have ever encountered in my professional and spiritual life."
~ Cristian Enescu, Colts Neck, NJ

Freedom From Sugar

"Thank you for your CDs. I used Freedom From Sugar and after 10 days I no longer craved sweets. Now I don't really even stop to notice the deserts and cakes when I am in the grocery store. I just walk on by. I also noticed that I am slowing down and chewing more slowly during meals."
~ L.B., Lawrenceville, NJ


"I find your CDs the best available, and have used them for many years."
~ Carol Rama, United Kingdom

"I am a Life Coach and benefit greatly from these. I also recommend these to my clients."
~ R.S., Indianapolis, IN

"I have been using InnerTalk programs for years and they have always been 100% successful every time."
~ M.N.

"Thank you for your CDs. I have benefited so much from their use over the past 2 years."
~ L.B., Lawrenceville, NJ

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do:) I am so happy with the 3 InnerTalk CDs I purchased along with the 2 free ones."
~ Dani Mitchell, United Kingdom

Genius Series / Serenity

"I've used many of your products with great success; from my intellectual achievements with the help of your Genius Series to relaxing at night with Serenity to recovering from my father's death."
~ B.M.

Quantum Younging

"I am keeping daily notes. Sleeping longer, body remarkable refreshed, increased focus and energy. This is day 5. I had several mini strokes. God Bless You."
~ V.B., Arlington Hts, IL


"I attribute so many wonderful changes in my life due to your products and promote them among my clients and friends and family. I think I have the most secure relationship I have ever had and truly filed properly upsetting memories from the past."
~ E.A., Princess Royal Barracks

I Can Do It - Hay House Conference / Freedom from Fears

"I attended your seminar at the I Can Do It in Pasadena recently and really enjoyed it. I spoke with you briefly afterward about my control issues and you generously offered me complimentary copies of your Freedom from Fears CDs which I received and have been listening to as much as possible. I would like to thank you so much for sending them. You are so generous to do that."
~ Jodi

Hyperemperia / Chakras

"I have been using two of your programs, Hyperemperia and Chakras, and believe I have benefited from both of them. One of the reasons that I have purchased from InnerTalk is that I believe you offer products from an integritous place."
~ S.R.


"We are great fans since we have been to two of Eldon Taylors workshops in 2010. We read several of your books, and used some of your subliminal and hypnosis products. Your work and products are amazing. Thank you for outstanding products and wonderful service."
~ M.R., Niceville, FL

Mystical Mind

"I am doing the Mystical Mind right now and loving it. Anytime I come across someone that has any issue they are struggling with, I always recommend your products. I am so grateful that you really do take care of your customers."
~ J.A.H., Ventura, CA

Mind Programming

"Just finished reading Mind Programming From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-help and Practical Metaphysics. Kind of reminds me of the middle-road of Buddhism. Great reading and instruction. Reliable information. Easy to read. Awesome Teacher is great."
~ James Toler, Plainfield, CT


"Love, Love, Love Your Work! Supporting your company is money well spent. Thank You."
~ J.A.H., Ventura, CA

Confidence With the Opposite Sex - a subliminal self-help program

Confidence with the Opposite Sex / Relationship Collection

"I have been using Confidence With the Opposite Sex for 2 months now as part of the Relationship collection. I have noticed an improvement in my social skills. I can walk right up to an attractive man and start a conversation, now. I went on a date a couple of weeks ago and I felt very comfortable, and not so nervous as I used to. I am enjoying dating and meeting new people now. There is a line in the CD that states "Men are good. Women are good." I think that has helped change my attitude towards men and let go of some of the bitterness I was carrying. Thank you for this CD."
~ L.B., NJ


"I am listening to the CDs myself and I know the product works. I already find myself asking people, 'Have you read Eldon Taylor's book? Have you heard of subliminal programming?' It is an honor to be associated with the InnerTalk Technology. Thank you!"
~ Y.B., Endeavour Hills, Australia

"I think this is great stuff. I feel calm, peaceful, and energetic. I'm glad I found this at 57. No regrets I didn't find it earlier, I can't push rewind on life, but with your InnerTalk programs etc. there's a better future, and it's because of me and your help. Thank you ahead of time."
~ Paul Brandon, Lansing, MI

Cancer Remission

"I keep working with my patient with lymphoma. He is very recovered and filled with enthusiasm—so much so that he sometimes forgets he has cancer. He gave to me his testimony of all the things he has gotten with all his work to heal. Thanks to you for opening another door to work with our mind."
~ C.B.


"The InnerTalk programs have done wonders for me and my children, I like to buy them as presents for those people in my life that I love. I am so grateful for these programs."
~ M.C., Miami, FL


"I have your Empowering Intuition CD. It's great!"
~ G.W., Birmingham, AL


"Thank you so much for the Bruxism CD. I believe its been 2 months now and I don't feel any pain. Not only that I am more relaxed. I enjoy my family and don't stress about the job anymore. Your product rocks!"
~ R.M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I am Lucky

I am Lucky - subliminal self-help affirmations

"One of many possible stories —as I walk to and from work, I listen to the MP3 music of I am Lucky, for at least two hours a day. The volume is set to low, so I can hear the traffic and my environment. This happened on one of those deep-freeze dry February morning. Most drivers were cautious of the black ice patches and driving accordingly. As I completed walking the bridge spawning over the speedway, I could hear the roar of a small engine coming down the Parkway Ð like a bat flying out of hell. Unbeknownst to the driver, after the bridge, many cars were stopped waiting for the next green light. Of course, when he reached the top of the bridge, he slammed the brakes and veered left. The black ice and the undertow of the car, caused it to suddenly jump over the median, bounce heavily in the opposite lanes, and, finally, glide over the snow bank protecting the sidewalk where I was walking. I did hear the desperate screeching of the tires, followed by the massive whump and thump. It came in flying with a metallic swoosh that brushed my back—like a subway tram feels like to the people waiting in the front row. Somehow, I managed to turn around and watch the driver. Those nanoseconds were in slow motion, I saw his white knuckles clutching the steering wheel as he was silently screaming. His eyes betrayed the man who had met death, face to face. Each day, I count my blessings and they multiply. Thank you for the MP3 recordings. They permit me to stay focused on my blessings."
~ R.P., Canada

Mind Programming / High Energy

"Dear Mr. Taylor. I'm a huge fan of your work. I started ten years ago in Mexico listening your High Energy CD. I love metaphysics, energy, the power of the spoken word, and Saint Germain! I just bought your book, Mind Programming, and it's amazing. I'm in Canada now and I've been having wonderful results with this book. Every night before sleep I play the CD or any spare moment I have to rest, I play it to get results. I already ordered Choices and Illusions!"


"There is no higher complement that can be paid than for a patron to declare that your products actually work, and they are working for me."
~ Robert, Sebring, FL

Ultra Success / Powerful Memory / Reading Power / Genius / Serenity / Stress Free

"I simply must thank ya'll for everything! I've bought several of these programs with astounding results! I typically listen to the Ultra Success CD before exams, and the Powerful Memory CD while studying. I have sped up my reading from 5 mins a page to 2 mins a page with the I am a Great Reader CD. I felt smarter with the Genius program and have undoubtedly become smarter with them. I experienced deep relaxation with the Serenity CD, have changed my whole response to stress with the Stress Free CD. Getting over my father's death would've been far more difficult without the Loss of a Loved One CD. I welcome my thoughts after listening to Rescripting the Child Within instead of being angered or disgusted by them, and I experience far less doubt with the Releasing Feelings of Fear, Doubt, Hopelessness, and Helplessness CD! Needless to say, I'm really look'n forward to this next program! Thank you!"
~ B.M.

Freedom from Alcohol

"I tried to quit alcohol, and found it very difficult—until I listened to the Freedom from Alcohol CD. I started listening to the CD while sleeping, set a date to quit, and amazingly I have had no need for my habitual end-of-day glass(es)of wine to relax. No cravings. I have been free from alcohol for three weeks now, and suddenly my day has many more hours of life in them! Thank you."
~ Manush

Freedom from Stress

"I listen to Freedom from Stress every night on my computer, while in bed. It relaxes me, as no other program or CD has!"
~ Anonymous


"I am a big fan of your work. I have many of your CDs and using them on a daily basis. Thank you for your work!"
~ K.F.

Mind Programming / Serenity

"After working with a spiritual teacher who attempted to brainwash me to transform my ego which resulted in more fear of God, I am thrilled to have found Eldon Taylor's book, Mind Programming. I have listened to the accompanying CD 2X and the music is like a soft blanket that covers my soul. Thank you, Mr. Taylor."
~ L.C., SC


"The CD is very good for my children, Thank you Dr. Eldon Taylor."
~ Ernisnita B.O.

"I love your subliminal CDs. I am a speech-language pathologist and I work in the schools."
~ Michelle Tsosie, AZ

Mind Programming / Serenity

Serenity - subliminal self-help affirmations CD / MP3

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Eldon's book, Mind Programming, after an excruciating bout of depression and substance abuse from self esteem issues caused by childhood abuse. This stress resulted in the erosion of a fantastic 20 year relationship and 10 years of marriage and finalized in separation. His wisdom has provided me with a strategy which I had never given a chance before—self-help psychology. I currently use the InnerTalk CD that came with his book on a daily basis and found it has allowed me to make key changes in my perceptions and choices. I would like to try the Forgiveness MP3 to further my healing."
~ R.S., Canada


"I love InnerTalk programs! I've been using them for years and have had incredible results! You guys are the best!"
Porter Vine, Mesa, AZ

Cancer / Pain Management

"Every item I have received from InnerTalk has proven effective. Your cancer and pain series was very helpful during my mother's illness. I can't thank you enough."
~ L.D., North Highlands, CA


"I bought your CDs on your day seminar in Putri. It was fantastic and just what I needed."
~ Hannelie

"I love your subliminals. I have used them for years. I have used many others, but yours are the best."
~ Diane Dodson, OR

"Dear Dr. Eldon Taylor, sir. I am really inspired by your touching voice. You really motivate passion and soul. You give hope to finish not to leave abortive. I am Muslim and from Karachi, Pakistan. My religion teaches me to learn good things and share with people no matter what religion and nation he belongs to. I love you Dr. Eldon Taylor sir."
~ Syed Haroon Ali, Karachi, Pakistan

Back Pain

"The CD Freedom from Back Pain is great. I use the music one at work and the nature at home to sleep by. I am relaxed at work and sleep great with less back pain."
~ PJ Jordan, VA


"I am a happy InnerTalk Customer. I have bought ten of your CDs and used them successfully."
~ Ario LeBlanc, San Diego, CA

Manifesting Your Vision

"I have used PAR for years and still do. I play Manifesting Your Vision because it calms me down and replacing negative thinking in the morning. Always works!"
~ Eckhart, Brentwood, CA


"My son was having serious problems in school. He has ADHD and, while he is extremely smart, he had a terrible time in school. I got him the Self Esteem CD, and he listened to it before bed for about a year and a half. Within the first month we saw a difference in his behavior and attitude. By the time he finally decided to stop listening to it, he loved going to school and had built some really healthy friendships there as well. Really and truly, your CDs are worth every penny."
~ Elizabeth S.


"Millions of people all over the world need help with the changes that they personally want to make. We all have hopes and dreams, but with so much negativity and external distraction, for some people its not always easy to commit to change. I love your site because anyone can find what they need to help themselves. I wish for you all continued success in helping the masses. Life want's to feed all its creation with good, therefore we can all live abundantly."
~ D.H., Canada

"I love your work. I use it often."
~ Gloria Ojeda

"I have gained tremendous benefits from using the InnerTalk CDs in my MLM Business. I have recommended a number of CDs to my clients who have complemented the CD affirmations with the nutritional supplements they are taking. It works."
~ R.A., Singapore

"I have bought many InnerTalk CDs for my clients and they have found them very useful."
~ Ruth Baruch

Change Without Thinking

"Just finished watching Change Without Thinking 3 DVD set. It really blew me away. I can't wait to get some subliminal programming going!"
~ Melissa Lee, Victoria


"The technology is easy to use and effective. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if it were to be used on a daily basis in classrooms while students do their work, effortlessly programming their minds to believe in themselves."
~ Lynn Munro, Ontario

"I have many InnerTalk CDs and they are great."
~ J.R., Southall, Middlesex

Satisfaction / Customer Service

"I have personally been using your InnerTalk products for over a year now, and have been recommending them to my coaching clients for about eight months. Every time I have ever emailed you a question, you have promptly and generously responded, and I want to thank you for that."
~ K.F.

Mind Programming / Serenity / Genius Series / Intimacy / Rescripting The Child Within

Genius Power - subliminal motivation affirmations

"I simply must thank you for how you have changed my life! I borrowed your book Mind Programming from my Dad last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it!! The first half scared the bejeessus out of me, but the second half was nothing short of enlightening!! After reading your book, I was a bit skeptical, so I tossed your CD Serenity with music on my MP3 player and started listening to it while I studied one day. Within 10 seconds I felt a warm blanket of relaxation come over me. Needless to say, I studied very well that day!! After experiencing that, I thought I would take it to the next level and really put it to the test, so I purchased your Genius Series and listened to all of them every night for the two weeks preceding the Fall semester last year, hoping it would give me an edge on what appeared to be a daunting semester of 6 classes, many of them senior level classes. Not only did my reading pace blast forward, but my vocabulary has expanded quite noticeably, my memory expanded so I was able to directly quote the book during tests, and learning seems to be a drastically simplified affair! I accomplished a 3.8 that semester, as well—up .3 from last semester. Your program didn't simply pass my test, it superseded any expectation I could have imagined! I also should admit that it astonished me to wake up, feeling smarter the next morning!

"Upon those results, I had other insecurities I needed to confront, so I picked up your Enhancing Intimacy program to deal with my fear of being romantic, which admittedly has cursed me for far too long. I have noticed unwanted eccentricities diminished with a quickness and far less insecure about being intimate!! I also picked up your Rescripting the Child Within program, which helped remedy an enormity of unwanted thoughts! I don't find myself constantly filtering out hurtful or inhibiting thoughts throughout my day and actually enjoying thinking for myself!

Mr. Taylor, it is simply not possible for me to fully articulate the extent to which you've changed my life—ALL for the better, too! I studied and utilized Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for years preceding your book, trying to rid myself of my insecurities to grow more fully and embrace as much of life as I possibly could, and your InnerTalk programs took every goal that I perceived and pushed me to them and well beyond! For the first time in my life, I find myself having all the tools necessary to accomplish any and all of the goals I have made and will continue to make! I will reach the sky with your help! Thank you so much!"
~ B.M.


"I have 8 InnerTalk programs and they have helped my family tremendously. Thank You for your work."
~ Jennifer K., Hartford, CT

"I used one of your study programs to get through nursing school."
~ Cheryl Jergens, West Milton, OH

Confidence with the Opposite Sex / Soaring Self-Esteem

"I purchased Confidence With the Opposite Sex and Soaring Self-Esteem CDs. After two weeks I feel much more confident and positive. InnerTalk is definitely effective."
~ J.I ., AL

PMS Relief / Holiday

"Thank you for the speedy delivery of my InnerTalk order! This is my first order from InnerTalk, but after my experiences thus far, I can promise that it certainly won't be my last! After receiving my order today, I was eager to get started listening to my new programs. I'm very impressed with the diversity of music used in the beautiful scores, the gentle background nature sounds, and how nicely everything melds together to create such a pleasant listening experience for my conscious mind, while the affirmations work on my subconscious. One of the CD' I purchased was your PMS Relief program. It's arrival today is very auspicious, and I was actually experiencing a lot of discomfort earlier today, including cramps and heavy bleeding. After listening to the program for a little longer than the suggested hour, however, I'm feeling totally fantastic and have no discomfort whatsoever. Wow, that was fast! I really love the score on this album, as well—I find it very mystical and serene.

I also wanted to complement you on the delightful holiday CD! I'm listening to it as I type this, and have a big smile on my face. Very festive—I'm loving it! Thank you again for the great service and wonderful products. I can't wait to experience all the fantastic results, and will most definitely be back for more InnerTalk products in the future, as well as recommending them to clients, friends and family members. Keep up the terrific work."
~ Kim L.


"I'm Dr. Sharon, currently an MD degree holder graduated in May 2010 with ALCM diploma in pianoforte performance and Grade 8 ABRSM violin. I'm currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I'm very much interested in pursuing a postgraduate research in music therapy. I've come across InnerTalk and found it amazingly therapeutic, hence, I've been wondering if there is any possibility I can conduct a research to see it's effectiveness here in our local government hospital setting."
~ S.C., Malaysia

Stop Smoking

"I quit smoking using InnerTalk and I want to try some more CDs to improve my health and all of me. Thank you."
~ Sissi Ducoing, Mexico


"First 3 CDs working a treat—trauma past and now creating a most delightful future. Thank you."
~ G.M., Victoria, Australia

"I've been through cult trauma and have had PTSD for 20 years. Your subliminal programs helped me heal emotionally. They are very effective and I highly recommend them!"
~ J. I., Birmingham, AL

Successful Children

Successful Children - subliminal self-help affirmations

"Having had a difficult childhood, I bought the CD titled Successful Children. Three of my friends had also bought or received the same CD; and had used it for their home-schooled children with great success. I saw for myself, how the children that used to get up and run around during their school time, just because I came to visit, now sat on their own desks and continued their school work. Amazing, simply amazing."
~ Maiti S., CA


"Great things for growing my mind—they work!"
~ Eric Gunderson, Moose Lake, MN

Ultra Success Power

"Bought a copy of Ultra Success Power from a local (25 miles north of London) Charity Shop and played it to great effect."
~ Russell Stephenson, UK

Natural Pain Relief / Optimal Weight Loss

"I recently purchased two CDs, one on Natural Pain Relief and one on Optimal Weight Loss and enjoy them both immensely. I can't quite express how they make me feel other than shifted. Thank you very much."
~ Elaine Graitson, Ottawa, Canada

Cancer Remission

"Five years ago I had a free CD from you for Cancer. Although my husband died from his stage 4 kidney Cancer, the CD gave him peace and helped him sleep. You made a very difficult time easier. Thank you so much."
~ Christine B.S., UK

Ending Self Destructive Patterns

"I have been listening to the Self Destructive Patterns program. After drinking two alcoholic drinks daily for years. I just stopped. I haven't had a drink in over two months, with no desire for one. There is still alcohol in my home that a friend advised me to get rid of. No! Friends may still enjoy a drink when they visit. Meanwhile I have no intention of returning to the daily habit unless in a celebratory manner, weddings and the like. Thank you all for the help. It's amazing."
~ J. M. B., Mesa, AZ

Powerful Esteem / Learning / Fears

Accelerated Learning - subliminal self-motivation affirmations

"I just wanted to give you an update on my Tribe's progress using the programs you sent us. First of all, my daughter Katherine decided to go to College, I advised her to use your programs, Powerful Esteem, I Am A Great Reader, and Math is Easy, and this semester she's using Accelerated Learning, and Learning and Study. Last Semester, which was her first she decided to take Math (Basic College Level) well that's one of her worst subjects, she struggled in High School to get Cs, and, she got an A in math. It took an extension over the Summer, but she got an A and made the Dean's List with an A in Writing and an B-plus in Reading and an A in Medical Hygiene. She's now decided to get her certificate in Medical Coding and Billing! We're so proud of her, and we can't thank you enough!

My Aunt is using your Phobias program and for someone that's suffered from Agoraphobia for nearly 20 yrs she's, as of 6 months ago, going outside. She can get in elevators, and I just got off the phone with her and she was going out to visit her sister this evening! I've had nothing but positive feedback from everyone using your programs."
~ L.M.

Energy / Satisfaction

"I would very much like to take a look at your great products. I know they work. My daughter still has the energy program to help her to get things done. Thank you for producing material that really works and is not a bunch of hype. My son is going to college for music theory and physics. He hopes to work in the production side of music. And he enjoys finding materials to motivate. "
~ B.B., Harlem, MT

Mind Programming / Serenity

"I first want to thank you for your interesting and enlightening book, Mind Programming. I found it very informative—so much so that I have recommended it for reading within my sphere of influence. Again, as usual, the customer service provided is exceptional. What I forgot to tell you is that this CD, I have others, is one that I have seen a remarkable difference in my attitude. Unfortunately, I am in a job that I do not love and have to be in while I readjust my focus and build/plan my next adventure. Because of this frustration of not being able to jump into the next adventure now and my current job violating my integrity and moral values, my attitude sucked! By listening to this CD, my attitude has gotten better, I have not taken things at work so personally and I know that I will get where I need to go when it is time. Thanks again!
~ L.G., Las Vegas, NV


"I love that you have Psalms 23 and 91 here. Those are among my favorite chapters. I am in great need of these. Thank you for offering them."
~ Shannon Carr, WI


"I tried the Serenity CD with music and noticed an instant difference!"
~ Bryce Mitchell

Weight Loss Now

"I purchased the weight loss CD and after two weeks and had lost 14 lbs. My food choices changed to craving healthy foods. I am a big believer in the subconscious mind."
~ Debi C., TX

Personal Peace Series

"I recently purchased the Personal Peace MP3 Series and feel so at peace with myself and others now. I listen to it over and over each day. Thank you."
~ John Crowley, CT


"Love your CD and have in my collection quite a few and have given them out as gifts to friends. Thanks for your work."
~ Manjula N.

"I've found your InnerTalk samples to be incredibly helpful. I am taking care of an ill spouse and was so stressed I knew I would become ill myself if I didn't find some help. Listening to the samples you have online has been a way for me to feel calm, patient and less stressed. I find myself noticing the beauty of the world, where before I was just totally caught up in my spouses' pain and illness."
~ Anonymous

Choices and Illusions / Using Both Halves of Your Brain

Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

"Your InnerTalk CDs are wonderful! My subconscious mind was very messed up by a horribly traumatic childhood. Divine Guidance is what led me to read Choices and Illusions. I didn't know why until you mentioned the InnerTalk CD, Using Both Halves of Your Brain. Thanks! -I had wonderful results—haven't stopped trying yet!"
~ J.M., FL

Bruxism, Weight Loss, Confidence

"Thank you! These CDs are helping me so much! No more bruxism! Lost 20 pounds! More confident! I could go on and on."
~ P. B.


"These programs have been instrumental in developing who I am as a human and how I work with others. They are phenomenal resources!"
~ S. O.

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