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From Losers To Winners

Ed Liddy of the NJI used the InnerTalk subliminal self-help programs

"There's no doubt that Dr. Taylor's programs have helped our athletes."
~ Coach Phillip Porter, Ph.D.
National Judo Institute.

No one on the National Judo Institute's team had ever won a national, World, or Pan Am medal until 1987, when the team began using an InnerTalk program as part of their training. The team's skills increased so dramatically that year they won 6 Pan Am medals, one World Medal, and two national medals. NJI members were slated to fill half the spots on the 1992 Olympic Team!


Prosperity Power subliminal self-help library comes in both CDs and MP3s

"I ordered the Your Personal Best:Prosperity Power library, and in a short time, I found myself able to see a clearer path to the future I will have. These programs, a combination of InnerTalk, Echo-Tech, OZO, and Power Imaging are incredible. Prosperity Power is the most well rounded set, dealing with all issues from esteem to ultimate prosperity and gently opens those doors that for most people remain forever locked. Also the staff at PAR are the most knowledgeable, kind, and patient people I've ever dealt with. Thanks Alan and Ravinder—you're the best. Eldon Taylor, God Bless You!

"P.S. I've since ordered more programs for friends and even my 13 year old son! (By his request! He was a skeptic!)"
~ Lisa Arnold, Modesto, CA


"You have me very interested in learning more about the physic rather than conventional wisdom. What an edge a person can have by grabbing the powers from within at the cell level."
~ Tom La Forge
Sr. Environmental Health & Safety Engineer
Wyle Laboratories
Kennedy Space Center Florida

Satisfaction / Spirituality

"Last year my life was immeasurably improved by your programs. I have now graduated to the spiritual programs, and my all-time fave is Asclepiad Experience: The Healing Dream. I use it as a soundtrack when I give Reiki treatments. It definitely enhances the experience and makes the healing force flow very powerfully."
~ Pieter Uys, Johannesburg, South Africa


"I am pleased to report I have not gambled since October 24th this year and am quite sure of the impact of the program."
~ Jill Webb, Australia


"I would also like to say that I find your programs to be of the highest quality and I treasure them like I do my jewelry. They are, in my opinion, as valuable as gold! Thanks!"
~ Lori Hard

"I enjoy your programs very much because they really work!"
~ Professor Jairto Gomes Dos Santos
Editora Intellectus Ltda


"I have had amazing success with the Prosperity program. On the days that I listen to it on my way to work, my stock portfolios go up in value. Sounds crazy, I know, but this happens predictably and consistently At first, I dismissed this as dumb luck, but after months and months this phenomenon continues like clockwork virtually every time I listen to it."
~ Andy


"Please send us your newsletter to De Anza Junior High School. We are grateful that you came to visit us here in the Imperial Valley. We are faithfull listeners to the morning radio program, that Mr. Marin transmits in regards to your studies and programs. Thank You. :)"
~ Alma A. Gonzalez

Satisfaction / Cancer

Spiritual Healing for Cancer Remission - an InnerTalk subliminal self-help CD / MP3

"By this simple email I personally would like to say thanks for the work you have done. I haven't heard those programs myself, but some relatives have done it (my mom and two aunts back in Mexico). One of them had symptoms of pancreas cancer. She got help from alternative ways, such as reiki and your program. All of a sudden the doctors repeated the medical analysis and couldn't found anything. Miracle or what ? I do believe in your work. Unfortunately, one of my aunts passed away last year (breast cancer) but, at least in the last couple of months, she had the chance of listening the cancer program. I believe she felt less pain.

"I'm sure these programs would help me (and my wife too). I don't know if you give some seminars on your research (hope some day we'll be lucky to have you giving some speech in Boulder, CO or at least in Denver).

"One more time, thank you!"
~ Jorge Cisneros

Satisfaction / Have It All / Success

"Thanks! So far I have recieved significant results from the Have It All program. And its only been a few days!"
~ Alan T. Mauro

Body Building / Satisfaction / Exercise

"Thank you so much for all the help I am getting from your programs. Since I have been working on myself for a year before I discovered your programs locally here in South Africa, it is difficult to quantify the improvements in some areas, BUT: I wish you could see my muscles after just 40 days of listening to the Body Building program. You see, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to physical exercise but for many months last year I worked out every day and used Creatine, with disappointing results.

"I'm still taking Creatine but the muscle growth the last month has been spectacular. The first thing I noticed was that I got drastically thinner around the waist. I then realised that my body must have been drawing Glutamine and stuff like that from the stomach to the muscles. I then started eating more and my stomach has now stabilised, but my muscles just keep on growing. I have also now increased my Creatine intake.

"Thank you again."
~ Pieter Uys
Johannesburg, South Africa


Math Is Easy - an InnerTalk subliminal self-help CD / MP3

"Hello again. I have enjoyed your programs for several years now and I still play them. More recently I ordered Mathematics Is Easy for my children. Tyler, who is 9 years old now, went from poor grades in math to excellent grades. I started playing the program for him last year. It didn't seem like no time at all that the improvements were showing up in his grades in math. Also his teacher made several comments about the dramatic change. I just thought you'd like to know about the difference you have made in my family's life. Thank you once again."
~ Julia Terry


"Thanks! I'm already having fantastic results with the first program I ordered, and can hardly wait to start listening to these. You have a wonderful product!"
~ Bon Johnston

Forgiving and Letting Go

"I used to get your catalog while living in Florida. I love your programs. I lost touch since I've moved and am thrilled I have found you on the Internet. I'm looking forward to my new catalog. Your Forgiving & Letting Go program really helped me."

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