The patented, proven, and guaranteed subliminal self-help technology!

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  • Patented—105 aspects in the original patent make InnerTalk truly unique!
  • The only audio subliminal demonstrated to work in multiple, independently run double-blind studies.
  • Guaranteed to work for you.
  • Millions sold world-wide and in multiple languages.
  • InnerTalk was created by Eldon Taylor, an expert in subconscious information processing.
  • Easy to use: Change made nearly effortlessly.
  • Free gifts for stress releif.
  • Used by corporations, elite athletes, championship teams, businesspeople, and much more! See our testimonials.
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The patented and proven InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology

Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten!

"Your recordings are the only subliminal recordings I've ever had that worked. I tried some recordings advertised on TV and didn't like them, frankly they didn't work. I'm going to stick with your recordings."
~ B.M.

"I have full faith in your products simply because of the results that I and others have experienced. I have tried other subliminals, some very expensive and slickly marketed. Yours are the only ones where I have definitely felt and seen rapid results. I will now only purchase your products in this field. Sincere thanks for helping me and those that I care about."
~ D. S.