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    Thomas Plante, faculty member of Stanford University and Director of the Mental Health Services for the Children's Health Council, together with Michael DiGregorio, Gerdenio Manuel and Bao-Tran T. Doan of Santa Clara University, evaluated the effect of InnerTalk on test anxiety in a double blind experiment. The statistical data significantly supported the hypothesis that InnerTalk subliminal technology could be an effective tool in lowering test anxiety.


    "I bought the recording in the middle of midterms, I listened for approximately four hours before studying and 15 hours while I was studying. The results were impressive. I feel that I was able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than I had ever experienced before. My retention was better, my mind was clear and organized. I felt prepared for my midterms. Consequently I was confident and did very well on my tests."
    ~ L. Stallings, UT
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