The Joy of Healthy Living (InnerTalk subliminal self help affirmations CD and MP3)
The Joy of Healthy Living (InnerTalk subliminal self motivation affirmations CD and MP3)

Healthy Living (The Joy of Healthy Living) ~ Subliminal


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The Joy of Healthy Living

— We all know the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle, so why then do many of us find it so challenging? Quite simply, it can be the temptations of the unhealthy lifestyle. Some (many) unhealthy foods are just delicious, no one wants to be a party-pooper, and drinking is considered to be the sociable thing to do. There is also the idea that healthy living is boring, and this includes going to bed early, eating more fruits and vegetables, and restricting alcoholic beverages. But how much truth is there to all of this?

We all know that it is wise to choose a healthy life style. There’s no secret that diet and exercise increase our vitality and overall wellbeing. Most of also know how important our relationships can be when it comes to health and support. And we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy social life. We also are fully aware that stress is a killer and some addictive substances are literally poisonous. So, knowing all of that, why don’t we practice it? Apparently knowing and doing are not the same thing.

Make living a healthy lifestyle fun!

When you follow a healthy lifestyle, your body will thank you and work with you rather than against you, and many aches and pains will disappear. A good night's sleep will help you awaken refreshed and enthused for the day and increase your productivity. When you increase your productivity, your sense of pride and achievement will increase, bringing with it a whole new value to your life.

Change the thinking that causes you to sabotage your health for activities that only cause a downward spiral. The many joys of healthy living are in your reach. Begin living a healthy life today! This program is designed to specifically change the way you talk to yourself and thereby reinforce your commitment to live healthily. Don’t wait until you wish you had begun a long time ago—act now.

Sample Affirmations

"Healthy habits are fun. Healthy food tastes good. Healthy living feels good. I enjoy healthy living. I feel good every time I make a healthy choice. I choose to promote my health in every way every day. I am vigilant about healthy choices. I consciously choose the healthy option. It gives me pleasure to choose the healthy option. I am healthy, healthy, and healthier. I ask about healthy options. I investigate healthy options. I choose healthy foods. I maintain a healthy diet. I am interested in the healthier options. I am wise about my choices. I establish a healthy exercise routine. I do everything I can do to be healthy. Health is important to me. I appreciate my health. I am a gift. Life is a gift," etc.

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When your self-talk changes, so does the reality you experience!

*Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving.

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