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Questioning Spirituality ~ Book

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Questioning Spirituality: Is it Irrational to Believe in God?
By Eldon Taylor

— It is not what a book says that matters, but rather what it does. Questioning Spirituality is not about proving or disproving the presence of a Divine power, but only about the rationality of believing that such a thing could exist. The beauty of this book is that it delivers—opening doors that many believe should be kept tightly closed.

"A philosophically astute challenge to the
rational supremacy of science over its spiritual rivals."
~ Kirkus Reviews 

Today’s reliance on science has forced most to discard ideas of faith, spirituality, and religion. In its attempt to keep Church and State separate, our education system has also ended up fully endorsing the secular path. Unfortunately, this has left many adrift, especially amongst our newly educated young adults who are looking for meaning in a life that so many experts claim has no real meaning—you live, you die, and that’s it, so just accept it. If believing in a higher power is irrational, as stated so eloquently and emphatically by the likes of Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins, then believers are automatically cast into the category of the uneducated, and uninformed, who are controlled by superstitious non-sense. Questioning Spirituality tips these ideas upside down and allows the truth to emerge, bringing with it a whole new sense of freedom.

"Bigger-picture thinking about the diverse issues
involved in defining the spiritual domain and
the rationality of its possibilities."
~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Atheists can no longer hold onto the claim that their arguments against God are water-tight or infallible, and that theirs is the only sensible way to live. Using the fundamentals of science and philosophy, Eldon Taylor shows that not only is it rational to believe in a God or Higher Power, but that it is the smarter option. Questioning Spirituality creates a clear-cut path whereby the reader can once again claim all the benefits of living a spiritual life without also being considered intellectually deficient and weak-willed. And for those who have held on to their beliefs regardless of the mockery by science, it is now possible to reintegrate their two halves—the outwardly educated 21st century human being and the closet theist.

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