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Weight Loss (Brain entrainment, binaural beats and InnerTalk subliminal self help / personal empowerment CD and MP3)


Weight Loss ~ Echo-Tech

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Weight Loss

— We all know what we are supposed to do to lose weight—eat healthy, exercise, diet, reduce sugar intake, drink more water, etc. But sometimes this is just too hard. Why is that? According to Marketdata Enterprises, Americans spend more than $60 billion annually on weight loss products such as exercise equipment, gym memberships, joining weight loss programs, special foods and shakes, and supplements. So why is weight loss still such a big issue? It’s quite simple really—none of these techniques address the real cause of your weight problem.

There are many reasons why you may be eating incorrectly—perhaps you were taught to always finish everything on your plate, or you eat when you are tired and stressed, you simply just love the wrong kinds of food, or you use food to assuage anxiety, etc. Long-term unhealthy habits can also play their part in making it hard to lose your weight and can bind you to weight gain forever. When you have been used to having soda or alcohol with dinner every evening, drinking water can taste bland and not as satisfying. Maybe you buy pre-made meals or fast food because your schedule is too busy to cook your own healthy meals. That extra piece of cake or snack at night just grabs your attention more than water or healthier alternatives—perhaps it even relieves some of your stress. Unless you address the thinking/subconscious programming that sabotages your weight loss goals, success will just never happen.

Our program makes losing weight simple and effortless, and Weight Loss has been on our best-selling list for over 30 years! Many testimonials and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of this program, and people all over are finding the secret to achieving their weight loss goals.


Jane Alexander, an independent journalist and researcher in the United Kingdom, investigated several alternative methods for losing weight. Not only did she find significant weight loss using InnerTalk Weight Loss, she also went on to do a price comparison between the different alternative treatments. Her cost comparison on a per pound of weight loss basis, showed costs of £26/lb ($41.60) for acupuncture, £11.42/lb ($18.27) for hypnotherapy, £29.28/lb ($46.85) for homeopathy, and only £3.28/lb ($5.25) for this InnerTalk technology, making our Weight Loss programs one of the most cost effective and efficient treatments you can get on the market today.

Combining EchoTech and InnerTalk Weight Loss programs with a special nutrition plan, Dr. Harbans Sraon conducted a 90-day weight loss study. Dr. Sraon, a biochemist geneticist of the University of California in Irvine, coached each subject to visualize their clear goal in terms of body fitness, and reviewed progress weekly. Sraon reported that 90% of the subjects lost significant weight.

You don’t even have to be on a diet or exercise regime to benefit from this program! In a study carried out by Professor Pelka of Munich University in Germany, using InnerTalk Weight Loss resulted in an average weight loss of 13 pounds in subjects who used the program without following any other kind of diet or exercise regimen!

What You Can Expect

At Progressive Awareness, we are always hearing from people who have used InnerTalk Weight Loss. The most common kinds of comments we hear include: “I went to the kitchen to look for a snack and realized I was not really hungry—so I closed the fridge door,” or “I went for a piece of chocolate cake but decided the apple looked more appetizing,” or “Water just tastes so much better to me these days!”

With InnerTalk Weight Loss programs, you will crave the freshness of good foods, clear water, and the abundant energy that it gives you. Eating wisely will become a satisfying choice! You will find that your body responds to the different foods and activities you participate in and this will further support your healthy lifestyle. You will be more patient and kind with yourself while going through your weight loss journey. You will finally free your body from harmful foods, feel energetic and healthy, and see your weight drop. When you truly believe in yourself and your ability to lose weight, you will easily make it happen!

Weight Loss combines the InnerTalk subliminal affirmations with the EchoTech tones, frequencies and supportive verbal coaching, to create a super-charged weight loss program. Use EchoTech Weight Loss once or twice a day—put on your headphones, kick your feet up, and close your eyes. Do not use while conscious attention is required, as when driving or operating machinery.

The InnerTalk subliminal affirmations will change your self-talk, the audible coaching will give you the support of your personal cheerleaders, and the tones and frequencies will relax you and make you more open to the life changing affirmations. Many customers report even faster results when using both the InnerTalk and the EchoTech programs together, playing the EchoTech program once or twice a day and then using the InnerTalk subliminal program as much as possible for the rest of the day.

Sample Affirmations

"I am thin, trim, slim and healthy. I am energetic. My body is conscious. My cells are conscious. My mind wills health. My cells replicate perfectly. I exercise. I visualize exercise. I image exercise. My body responds. My body burns off fat. My body uses fat. All excess fat is shed from me. My metabolism melts fat away. My blood flows freely through my veins. My heart is strong. I breathe deeply. I eat the right foods. I drink water. I like vegetables. I like fruit. I respect myself. I leave something on my plate," etc.

Sound Samples

Echo-Tech is a very experiential program and as such, a sound sample of the track would not do it justice. In addition to the soundtrack and subliminal affirmations, there are tones and frequencies and other sound patterns all designed to put you into an altered state. In this state, the music is just one aspect of the entire experience.

Usage Guide

Echo-Tech programs are designed for use once a day when there is time to just sit and relax, usually at the end of each day, and are designed for headphone use only. In addition to the InnerTalk subliminal affirmations, Echo-Tech also uses a special mix of three-dimensional sounds, tones and echo-effects that stimulate positive and highly receptive brain states. We refer to this as subliminal hypnosis.

Also featured is an audible narrator who provides powerful, but supportive, verbal coaching.

Many users report using Echo-Tech for its sense of warmth and love.

The echoing effects and other soothing sounds and tones, along with the three-dimensional sound patterns, help synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing the program to create powerful, long-lasting impressions that will make a big difference in your life! More Information.

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