Overcoming Toilet Anxiety (InnerTalk subliminal self help affirmations CD and MP3)
Overcoming Toilet Anxiety (InnerTalk subliminal self motivation affirmations CD and MP3)

Toilet Anxiety (Overcoming Toilet Anxiety) ~ Subliminal


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Overcoming Toilet Anxiety

— Toilet anxiety is a lot more common than most people think, and it is particularly hard when it comes to using public restrooms. For some, it is the fear of embarrassing noises and smells. For others it is a fear of germs and other people's 'dirt.' And there are others who are just more comfortable when they can 'go' at home.

There are many social ramifications to toilet anxiety. Some people avoid social events in case they need to go, while others refuse to use the restroom and allow their personal discomfort to increase. As the discomfort increases, their ability to interact with others decreases. In more extreme situations, the discomfort of 'needing to go' can cause a person to become short tempered and curt in their interactions.

According to ToiletAnxiety.org, toilet anxiety is more common that you might think.

You really can discard the fears that underlie your toilet anxiety

Toilet anxiety, or toilet phobia, is a term used to describe a number of issues related to using the toilet. It is a type of anxiety condition in which the sufferer may experience concerns and fears about one or more of the following:

  • Being unable to urinate or defecate
  • Using a public toilet
  • Being too far from a toilet
  • Having an accident in public
  • Other people being able to hear or see you use the toilet
  • The cleanliness of public toilets

Often toilet anxiety is exacerbated by habit thinking. For example, one case report informs us that because a woman once needed the toilet very badly while traveling on a bus, every time she gets on a bus, she begins to suffer anxiety thinking that she will need the toilet. In other words, a person may find that every time they do something, the anxiety rises because we have in some way conditioned ourselves to associate the stimulus with the toilet. This can be true of any bad toilet experience and for that matter, even true only because of an anticipated bad experience. With the anticipated bad experience, it’s like the mind is playing at gambling—if not the last time then the odds are higher it will occur the next time. As such, a person never actually must have had a bad experience to suffer toilet anxiety.

If toilet anxiety inhibits or prevents you from using the bathroom when you need to, then you should get this program. Learn how to feel comfortable getting your bathroom duties out of the way so you can go on and enjoy your life.

Sample Affirmations

"My body processes are normal. I am comfortable with all of my body processes. I am free of fear. I am free of anxiety. I am confident. I am capable. Toilet duties are normal. Toilet duties are safe. I am safe. Public restrooms are safe. I am relaxed in the bathroom. I am relaxed urinating. I am relaxed defecating. I trust my body. I am comfortable with my body. My body provides plenty of warning before I need the bathroom I am okay with using the bathroom. Using the bathroom is natural. Everyone uses the bathroom. There’s nothing to fear. Bathroom noises are normal. I am comfortable with the sounds in the bathroom. I am comfortable with the noise attached to using the bathroom. I am comfortable with clean restrooms. Most restrooms are clean," etc.

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