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Eliminating the Fear of Confrontation - an InnerTalk subliminal self help affirmations CD and MP3 - the best proven technology


Confrontation (Eliminating the Fear of Confrontation: Owning My Inner Courage) ~ Subliminal

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Eliminating the Fear of Confrontation: Owning My Inner Courage

—The fear of confrontation is not uncommon. Many people go out of their way to avoid conflict of any kind. In so doing, they often surrender to misgivings having to do with their expectation of what confrontation might mean. Indeed, Amy Moring, writing in Psychology Today, had this to say:

Fear of confrontation is often based on false assumptions. Thoughts like "Confrontation is bad" or "Telling someone I disagree with them will ruin our relationship" only fuel your fear. Whether you learned to walk on eggshells because you once had a difficult boss, or your fear of confrontation goes all the way back to childhood, check your assumptions.

In reality, confrontation is healthy. There are many kind—and assertive—ways to speak up and express your opinion and doing so might improve the situation more than you ever imagined.

With self-respect, confrontations can be easy

Speaking up may not only be the right thing to do, but an important thing to do. Many times relationships improve, problems are solved, and instead of feeling less happy, we often find new happiness.

You have every right to speak your mind and to insist on being treated with honor and integrity. Within you is the ability to communicate honestly and to face difficult people with confidence. Within you is the courage, you need only accept that about yourself.

Change your mind set and change your life. Your expectation, perception, controls your action. When you're ready to end sulking away from confrontation, frustrated and unhappy, this program is for you. It will rewrite how you talk to yourself and in doing so, empower you to face confrontation calm and collected without fear. Why wait—act now!

Sample Affirmations

"I am a kind person. I am a good person. I am a confident person. I am an assertive person. I am a capable person. I am unafraid of truth. I am unafraid of confrontation. My interactions are pleasant. I am a strong person. I can handle communicating with difficult people. I am cool, calm, and collected. I am unafraid to speak the truth. I’m okay with confrontation if necessary. I am honest. I am courageous. I am peaceful. I choose integrity. I choose honesty. I choose truth. I am unafraid to speak truth. I am unafraid to disagree. I am agreeable even when disagreeing," etc.

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Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal self-help technology. Patented! Proven! Guaranteed!InnerTalk subliminal self-help / self-improvement programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. InnerTalk programs are extremely easy to use. You can simply play them in the background on any regular stereo player while you are working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV.* The InnerTalk subliminal technology is patented, proven and guaranteed. More Information

When your self-talk changes, so does the reality you experience!

*Please note: There are some obvious contraindications. You would not play a program such as High Energy while sleeping, or a program such as Sleep Soundly while driving.

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