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Many of our programs are now available for purchase by instant download. With the InnerTalk subliminal programs, they are being offered as Music plus Nature 2-program sets. While these formats can be played at any time, most prefer to use the music during the day and the nature while they sleep. In the downloadable format, you can therefore get BOTH versions for close to the same price as a single physical CD when normal shipping is added.


“Inside every human being is an eternal truth and a life purpose. Using our mind power is simply starting the engine on that journey of self-discovery and highest self actualization."
~ Eldon Taylor, Choices and Illusions

"Not only is our reality a matter of choices, but so is the power we give it."
~ Eldon Taylor, Mind Programming

"Life has many twists and turns, and seldom do we find the road to be straight and narrow. The same can be said for the choices we have to make."
~ Eldon Taylor, What Does That Mean?

"Knowing ourselves is a journey—an exploration—and one that demands we risk being wrong about everything we think that we know or believe."
~ Eldon Taylor, What If?

"Visualization should be a part of every day. By seeing a successful, rewarding day upon awakening, we’re more likely to have one."
~ Eldon Taylor, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology

"You are created with such an awesome potential to manifest your given talents, to face and overcome all challenges, to rise to a level of human existence that honors you and your creator."
~ Eldon Taylor, Gotcha!