Do Subliminal Self-Help Programs Work? (11) - Conclusion


The subconscious mind is like a bio-computer.

In summary, the subconscious mind contains within it our biocomputer programming. Most of us have acquired this programming in much the same way as we acquired our basic language. Without conscious choice, subliminal beliefs have been scripted in most of us as a result of what I refer to as the “no-don’t” syndrome and the response to avoid rejection.

Basic to an understanding of this model is the essential human need for acceptance. The greatest human fear is that of rejection. Our world essentially consists of two types of stimuli:

  • Real - a tiger is chasing me.
  • Synthetic - the rejection I feel when ridiculed by parents, peers, etc.

Primitive mind urges reactiveness.

Our primitive mind responds to fight/flight stimuli automatically via the function of the thalamus and the autonomic nervous system. It responds in modern man to synthetic stimuli with anxiety and depression through cortical interpretation of perceived threats: Threats of rejection. The threat of rejection produces a fear (For Every Anger Response = FEAR), which in turn results in anxiety or depression and defensively in anger (ANGER = A Nasty Getting Even Response). In this way we often perpetuate self-defeating subliminal beliefs.

Lower mind urges action.

Add all the pluses (positive input we receive as a result of others and self-talk) together and for most of us it is so grossly outweighed by negative message units (minuses) that it refuses to cooperate with the conscious mind. This gives rise to additional negative program- Subliminal Technology 28 ming, a direct result of our failure to control our reactive response, like the abuse of food or the acting out of anger, as if to say to the conscious mind – “You knew you couldn’t do it!”

Higher mind urges proactiveness.

The right brain accepts non-critically authoritarian message units such as “I am good!” The left-brain may choose to reject this with arguments as to why one is not good. To overcome this left brain resistance, InnerTalk presents to the left brain logic tasked statements that are permissive, such as “It’s okay to be good,” while simultaneously presenting to the right “I am good!”

Proactiveness empowers.

In order to behave or choose differently, one must have within the subliminal mind the alternative desire. What cannot get in cannot get out is very apropos in this instance. Our InnerTalk programs simply converse directly with the subliminal mind, bypassing the conscious sentry which often argues against change. This is a way of inputting enough positive message units to prime inner talk and begin to rescript the self-imposed limitations that have accumulated over one’s lifetime.

Good luck on your journey, for life is truly a wonderful adventure and living a golden opportunity!

“It’s been said that it’s all an illusion — but that is an insufficient distinction; more accurately, it’s all a perception.”
~ Eldon Taylor

“The most complicated achievements of thought are possible without the assistance of consciousness.”
~ Sigmund Freud


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