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    Many of our programs include a spiritual component. We offer a variety of spiritual programs. We believe the spiritual component of life to be as important, if not more so, than any other component. However, we do not wish to choose the spiritual path for anyone. That is each of our rights, both under God and our Constitution. We, therefore, try to provide a variety of spiritual programs in an attempt to bring something for everyone. We recognize that this is difficult to do while not offending anyone. Nevertheless, we find it a responsibility to use our technology in the spirit of the saying, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Many religious leaders use and have endorsed our programs. Still, if you have a question, please ask your spiritual advisor to review the affirmations in order to insure that the program you choose is in keeping with your particular spiritual path. 

    There is one common denominator in all our programs: forgiveness. It is our conviction whether in school violence or matters of government, it is never okay to get even. We believe it is so important that we offer our “Forgiving and Letting Go” program free of charge to those who ask for it (mailing charges do apply). 


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