Special guided imagery (hypnosis) programs to assist you in not only finding the cause of your issue, but also to find the solution

    Power Imaging is a very special guided imagery program. It assumes that there is a reason why you have not been as successful in the past as you would like to be. It helps you discover the reasons behind your behavior and once you know that, success is much easier to achieve. Power Imaging programs should be used with headphones and require you to take time out, close your eyes and put your feet up. Power Imaging programs should not be used when conscious attention is required like when driving a vehicle or operating machinery. 

    Enter a State of Deep Relaxation

    Power Imaging guides you into a state of deep relaxation called “Alpha consciousness,” in which your mind is open and receptive to suggestion. In this state, the positive self-images and goals you visualize whether to let go of anxiety and stress or, to see yourself slender, confident, or successful, are programmed into your subconscious mind. The changes you desire begin to unfold in your life without conscious effort. After each session, you feel relaxed and renewed, as if you have been on a mini-vacation.

    Each of the Power Imaging programs combine discussion with guided visualizations, music and InnerTalk messages.

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