Advanced sound technologies create the most mind-expanding experience you may have ever had!

    A Quantum Leap in Sound Technology

    It has long been known that meditation and biofeedback techniques can alter your brain waves from the everyday Beta state into deeper Alpha and Theta states where a sense of utter well-being, intuition and creativity are triggered. With OZO and Echo-Tech, you don’t have to spend years of practice in meditation or expensive biofeedback training to reach these heightened states.

    Recorded with InnerTalk’s neuro-entrainment matrix of special tones, echo effects and brain wave frequencies delivered to each hemisphere of your brain with the use of headphones, OZO and Echo Tech automatically synchronize your brain waves in the Alpha/ Theta range.

    OZO’s Command Coaching or Echo-Tech’s Gentle Suggestion?

    The OZO programs are recorded with authoritative verbal coaching, reinforced by affirmations to imprint both your conscious and subconscious mind with positive commands. The Echo-Tech series takes a more gentle, supportive approach and uses the beautiful music of renowned composer Steven Halpern to soothe you into a highly receptive state to absorb gentle verbal coaching.

    What do OZO and Echo-Tech programs sounds like?

    On both programs you hear a voice telling you that you are capable, it’s OK to succeed, you can do it, etc. On OZO, the voice is very commanding and authoritative, stirring you to action. On Echo-Tech, the voice is gentle and supportive. In the background you’ll hear relaxing music containing our patented InnerTalk subliminal messages. The presentation on both is uniquely dramatic and fun, making it seem like you are in an echo chamber, surrounded by encouraging and/ or commanding words, sound tones and soothing music. The three-dimensional echo effects, combined with alternating sounds going from one ear to the other, help balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and create a lasting impression, even from the very first listening. These powerful programs are an ideal complement to InnerTalk subliminal and Power Imaging programs.

    OZO and Echo-Tech are sister technologies in that they both consist of InnerTalk affirmations, tones and frequencies. The tones and frequencies help you to relax by altering brain wave activity and thereby increase your ability to absorb the affirmations. Both OZO and Echo-Tech also contain audible coaching. The resulting effect is that the InnerTalk affirmations change the way in which you talk to yourself and the audible coaching makes you feel as though you are surrounded by people encouraging you. The difference between the two is that the audible coaching on OZO is forceful and authoritarian and the tones and frequencies are energizing, whereas on Echo-Tech, the audible coaching is gentle and supportive while the tones and frequencies are relaxing and calming. 

    You should also note that, while everyone enjoys the Echo-Tech format, it is generally only the seriously competitive individuals who prefer the OZO format.

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