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Quest for Excellence - Hypno-Peripheral Processing, HPP - Hypnosis Self Help MP3


Excellence (Quest for Excellence) ~ HPP

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Quest for Excellence

— Successful athletes, business entrepreneurs and artists all have two characteristics in common—the ability to set realistic goals and the motivation to develop the skills and strategies necessary to attain those goals. Successful people continually create the positive outcomes that they want in life. Temporary setbacks and disappointments never deter them from continuing to see what they want and go after it. The question is, how do they do this?

We all have skills, internal resources and experiences that make us different and special. If we can access them and organize them in a useful way, we can also find the success we want. Dr. Lloyd's Glauberman's revolutionary HPP method programs your subconscious mind to do just that. Combining both conscious and subconscious processes the Quest for Excellence taps into your best and organizes your thoughts, sensations, feelings and actions so that you spontaneously find yourself in a relaxed energized and focused state when you need to perform.

Peak Performance in every aspect of your life!

Quest for Excellence will give you the drive to achieve your life goals. Whatever the issues are for you, inner obstacles will spontaneously disappear allowing your true potential to break through.

Usage Guide

InnerTalk subliminal program plus HPP (Hypno Peripheral Processing) programEach 30-minute HPP program weaves a series of parable-like stories that gently overload the listener's conscious mind. Known as dual induction, this technique shuts down the logical part of the mind and allows for a deep state of relaxation ideal for the absorption of positive suggestions by the listener's subconscious mind. Users report positive results after a few sessions. Changes begin to spontaneously appear—changes that occur naturally at the right times, in the right places, and with the right people.

You may purchase the HPP programs by themselves, or you can super-charge the effect by combining them with complementary InnerTalk programs. Use the HPP programs once or twice a day, and use the complementary InnerTalk programs as much as possible as you go about your day, or all night long while you sleep. More Information.

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