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Wellness: Just a State of Mind?  by Eldon Taylor


Wellness: Just a State of Mind? ~ Book

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Wellness: Just a State of Mind?
By Eldon Taylor

— Welcome to the intriguing world often referred to as the mind-body connection. Recent developments in science have clearly demonstrated that the old notions of the body functioning somehow automatically and independently of the mind, attitudes, emotions, personality characteristics and so forth are untrue.

The fact is the mind plays a significant role in wellness and even in physical characteristics. For example, did you know that some multiple personality patients change their blood sugar chemistry or eye color as rapidly as a snap of the fingers?

Is it possible that we choose our illnesses in a subconscious way to avoid conflict? To gain attention? To punish ourselves? According to Dr. Taylor's research these factors all play an important part in illness. What's more, Dr. Taylor also draws attention to a startling observation from his work with cancer patients; when the patient's doctor did not support the idea of the patient's mind having a role in their wellness, the patient died regardless of the treatment used.

Whether it's a matter of staying young, fit and healthy or recovering from a so-called terminal 'dis-ease,' the mind is without a doubt an important player in the ultimate outcome. Join Eldon Taylor in his search for the mind-body connection and discover how much control you have over your own state of health. Learn how to care for and improve your wellness with proven mental techniques.

Wellness: Just a State of Mind? is an easy and fun filled journey through the world of self-healing. It is perfect for the person who is totally new to the mind-body connections and also serves as an invaluable reminder to those who are well versed in this information.

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