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Have It All EchoTech: InnerTalk hypnosis/subliminal personal empowerment CD and MP3


Have It All ~ Echo-Tech

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Have It All!

—What would a life full of joy, happiness, love, prosperity, health, and inner peace be like? What would it be worth? Have you ever just desired to find a path to such a place?

If you believe that you deserve the best that life has to offer, then you have taken the first step in actualizing it!

You can have it all. You can learn to open to a fresh new creativity that prospers your sense of well-being while fostering a strong sense of safety, trust, and the literal cornucopia of possibilities open to all who open their hearts and minds.

If you don't believe that your deserve, then you will sabotage your own efforts in life. If you believe that you deserve the best that life has to offer, then you have taken the first step in actualizing it.

This program combines the InnerTalk subliminal affirmations for Have It All, with the Echo-Tech tones, frequencies and supportive verbal coaching, to create a super-charged program. Many customers report even faster results when using both the InnerTalk and the Echo-Tech programs together, playing the Echo-Tech program once or twice a day and then using the InnerTalk subliminal program as much as possible for the rest of the day.

Sample Affirmations

"I enjoy life. I have fun. I am humorous. I enjoy humor. I am positive. I am charismatic. I am enthusiastic. I am energetic. I am powerful. I am humble. I am a genius. I am creative. I am a leader. I am intuitive. I am good. I am great. I am important. I am honest. I am truthful. I am proud. I am a gift. I am patient. I am forgiven," etc.

Sound Samples

Echo-Tech is a very experiential program and as such, a sound sample of the track would not do it justice. In addition to the soundtrack and subliminal affirmations, there are tones and frequencies and other sound patterns all designed to put you into an altered state. In this state, the music is just one aspect of the entire experience.

Usage Guide

Echo-Tech programs are designed for use once a day when there is time to just sit and relax, usually at the end of each day, and are designed for headphone use only. In addition to the InnerTalk subliminal affirmations, Echo-Tech also uses a special mix of three-dimensional sounds, tones and echo-effects that stimulate positive and highly receptive brain states. We refer to this as subliminal hypnosis.

Also featured is an audible narrator who provides powerful, but supportive, verbal coaching.

Many users report using Echo-Tech for its sense of warmth and love.

The echoing effects and other soothing sounds and tones, along with the three-dimensional sound patterns, help synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing the program to create powerful, long-lasting impressions that will make a big difference in your life! More Information.

CDE9908 Available in:

Music CD - CDE9908
Downloadable MP3 - EE9908

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