The greatest reward for the work we do at Progressive Awareness comes from all the testimonials we receive. Since 1984, InnerTalk programs have been helping people around the world to change their lives—changing their negative self-sabotaging beliefs into beliefs that support their highest goals. Here are just some of the letters we receive:

Sleep Soundly

"I'm writing to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with the results I've had from the Sleep Soundly program. For the last nine years I've slept approx. two to three hours a night. After five weeks of using the program for one hour per day, I was sleeping from ten till seven! I have to say I was skeptical as to whether it would work, (my husband was totally skeptical). I first read about InnerTalk in The Daily Mail, and decided to give it a try. I'm so pleased I did. I now play the program softly through the night, a couple of times a week. Thank you so much, I can't tell you the difference it has made to my life to be able to sleep well again."
- Chrissie Perry  

Powerful Memory

"Thank you for so much for the help you've been. A really big hug for your kindness when I telephone—you are very good at coping with my anxiety and extracting the questions that enable you to make suggestions. The Powerful Memory program is so very good. Despite not managing to listen for the recommended time it is having an effect. A number of times in the past few days I have found lost items that have defied being found (eg emptied cupboards, drawers, coat pockets, still remaining lost). Suddenly they have been discovered exactly where my inner mind reminded me where I had put them. I was truly amazed, and each time this happened I have thanks to the InnerTalk program, the team at InnerTalk, and most importantly my inner mind."
- Doreen Fell, Wrexham 

End Procrastination/Safe Driving

"I know I am going to have a better year because, since discovering InnerTalk programs, my state of mind has improved no end! End Procrastination—I love it! It's really fantastic, and so powerful! I'm using InnerTalk and OZO and they are both powerful to me. It seems that within a few minutes of playing this program, I really want to get on and do things . . . amazing! I have benefited considerably from Safe Driving—I am more aware. I'm still learning, and I suppose you can never be too aware on the road. I am generally enjoying driving a lot more than before I had this program, and am gradually gaining confidence behind the wheel.
- Nadia Bazkorvany, Richmond 

Freedom from Fears

"My little boy had been bullied in school last term and had a fear of going to school. He had listened to the InnerTalk program only three times since they arrived and this morning he went off to school without a second glance. I feel very relieved and very grateful all at the same time. 
Thank you " 
- Name withheld

Ultra Success

"I noticed a difference in three days. I was chattering away to myself in that usual "Am I good enough?" way when this booming voice came into my head and in no uncertain terms told me I was! Well, that made my chatter-voice shut up!"
- Shazzie - rawcreation.com 

Soaring Self Esteem

"My son Ian has in the past suffered terribly from being bullied at school. We started using the InnerTalk program and I am so pleased to tell you that he not only doesn't have any problems with bullying, he is confident, happy and his grades have shot up. Thank you."
- Joan Lewis, Cambridge 

Learning for Examinations

"I had to write to tell you about my daughter's success. My daughter, Georgia, is dyslexic and, although we believe in her capabilities, she was not thought sufficiently academic by her school to pass her 11+ exam. As she dearly wanted to go to grammar school, we decided to use every method in our power to enable her to pass. As a family we are committed to different approaches to learning, and recognize the ability of the subconscious to promote learning and memory. When I saw a feature on InnerTalk products in a national newspaper I contact you immediately. It was just six weeks before her exam, and you promised to rush your product to me, which before you duly did. We played Learning for Examinations every night while she slept, and the result is that she has amazed everyone by not only passing but also with above average marks. There is no doubt in my mind that your product played a significant part in this. I would just like to say a big thank you"
- Mrs. Karen Mannering, Kent 

Attracting the Right Love Relationship & Manifesting Your Vision

"I am working on a couple of areas of my life and have finished a bad relationship without any emotion and I am meeting much nicer people now. I will let you know when anything develops further but I am not in any hurry. Over Christmas, when I had some spare time, I wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve. One of them was to write a song. Over the next few days I made myself attempt it but I found it difficult and gave up. At three am one morning I woke up with lyrics to a song in my head. At first I tried to ignore it but when the words kept coming I found a pen and some paper and started to write (I didn't even switch the light on, I was still half asleep). Several times I thought I had finished, but then more verses came! There I went back to sleep. When I woke I thought it had been a dream. Then I found the scribblings I'd made. It seems to be a good song too. Now I just need to think of a tune and I will sell it!"
- Sue Sweeney 

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